This The Best Puma Creeper Alternative

Talk about hiding in plain sight! The Rihanna x Puma Creeper is quite a sought after shoe. Every drop sells out, from the original and followup shades to the recent burnt orange Camo Creeper. Fans and sneaker pimps anxiously await new colorways and/or restocks. This "Creeper Madness" forces fans to seek alternatives. Steve Madden sells a similar version of the Creeper, as does Topshop. But there is a Puma Creeper alternative that lets you remain brand loyal, since it's designed by Puma!

The Suede Platform Gold Sneaker has the same thick sole and silhouette. These kicks come in all-white and all-black versions, with a gold toe. It's not a mirror version of the Creeper but it comes pretty darn close. You can avoid shopping the knockoffs by scooping up a pair that not only resembles the actual Creeper but that is designed and manufactured by the same exact brand.

There is a selection of sizes in the all-white version available on the Puma site. The all-black pair, with that killer golden toe cap, is available via ASOS, as well.

So if you were shut out of any or all of the 2016 Puma Creeper drops, you can console yourself with a snazzy and stylish pair of platform Pumas. I've got my eye on the black pair because duh.

Puma Suede Platform Sneakers With Gold Toe Cap, $180, Amazon

Puma really knows how to glamorize a sneaker.

Puma Suede Platform Sneakers With Gold Toe Cap, $180, Amazon

These kicks look rad with cropped skinnies. I bet they will look the same with leather leggings.

White Puma Suede Gold Tip, $71, Amazon

The white version is so turnt. These sneaks will inject major swagger into any ensemble.

Camo Creeper, $399, Amazon

The Camo version was the latest Creeper drop! Here's to hoping that new Creeper colorways are on their way for fall.

I just want to crank the TLC song "Creep" every time I see a pair of the Creepers. But I also want to add a gold-toe pair to my kicks collection.

Images: Courtesy of Puma (3); Courtesy of ASOS (2)