What Your Fave Choker Style Says About You

The quintessential accessory from many a childhood, '90s choker necklaces have made a huge comeback. With the revival of classic styles like the tattoo piece, and more modern takes with embellishments and bows, it seems as though chokers might become more than just a trend. I wager they'll stick around for good. And if that's true, it's probably a good idea to know what your choker preference says about you.

As a '90s kid, I loved these babies. I wore my classic black tattoo choker for so long that my mom had to physically snip it off my neck so I could properly clean that part of my body. I bet you can guess how ecstatic I was when chokers reemerged on the sartorial scene, becoming the "it" accessory of the moment.

Since the beginning of this resurgence, I've become quite familiar with the new styles, from diamond-encrusted designs to ones with charms on them. And I've learned quite a bit about what someone's favorite choker can reveal about them. You might be surprised by how much that pendant-encrusted velvet choker can give away about the human wearing it. And don't even get me started on the rainbow-colored tattoo choker repping a happy face charm.

So as chokers continue to dominate the accessory scene, you'll want to know exactly what your favorite choker says about you. Without further ado, here it is.

1. Silk

If your preference is a silk choker, you mean business. You're strong-willed and hard-working, whether that means mastering the art of holding a staff meeting or planning an amazing party for your BFF. You love how a sleek, silk choker transitions perfectly from your focused office demeanor to your night-out mood. You stick to your guns, but you're also a ton of fun to be around.

2. Velvet

You posess an air of confidence that almost everyone admires. Your chin is always up, your shoulders are always pushed back, and you make even your casual athleisure clothes look runway-ready with your self-assured swagger. When it comes to accessories, a bold velvet choker helps you pull together the already sexy and alluring ensemble you're undoubtedly wearing for a night out.

3. Charmed

Just like your favorite choker, you're a charming person. You can strike up a conversation with even the most unexpected strangers, and you make friends wherever you go. When it comes to jewelry, you like stand-out pieces that make you smile when you rock them, which is exactly what your charmed chokers do. They're fun and exciting, and pair perfectly with your bright, bohemian wardrobe.

4. Bow

Between your Peter Pan-collared shift dresses and your endless collection of pastel ballet flats, a tied-up bow-style choker is without a doubt your favorite. It's quirky, cute, and adorable, just like you and your spunky personality. So when you're not posting Instagram photos of your angelic kitten or your artistic frozen yogurt creations, you're sharing pics of your neck party made perfect with your bow choker.

5. Tattoo

You're a creature of habit. So when chokers came back into style, you reached for a look you knew and loved. The classic '90s style not only reminds you of the fashion you grew up with, but also makes you feel retro and cool. I mean, if wearing your favorite classic tattoo choker brings you one step closer to becoming a modern-day Spice Girl, then you're definitely rocking it.

6. Colorful

Being around people is your favorite activity, and you get your energy and curiosity fulfilled when you're in a big group. That extroversion and love of high-excitement is reflected in your appreciation of all different colors, which reflects back to your most-worn colorful choker. Because of your naturally friendly and bright nature, a brightly-colored piece perfectly complements your big smile and wide eyes.

7. Diamond

If you often find yourself wearing diamond-encrusted chokers, you're probably the life of the party. Rihanna's "Shine Bright Like A Diamond" is your theme song, and you love living it up and always being the center of attention. No one can blame you, though, because your bright, energetic, passionate personality truly does light up a room. Kind of like your shiny, sparkly, diamond choker lights up every outfit you wear it with.

8. Lace

You're a soft-spoken person with a warm soul. You put your family and friends before yourself, and always aim to please the ones you love. You're simple in your fashion and beauty tastes, but you're attracted to the delicate detail of lace. It's beautiful, gentle, and divine. Hence why you haven't taken off your lace choker in, well, who even knows how long?

9. Dainty

When people meet you for the first time, you're not surprised that they think you're quiet and introverted. But when they get to know you better, they quickly realize you're fierce, determined, and oh-so-strong. Just like your favorite dainty choker, you give off the impression of being frail and soft. But you aren't afraid to speak your mind or lead the pack, proving you're bolder than you may seem along the way.

10. Pendant

You drink tea brewed in a tea pot, you listen to classical music on a daily basis, and you have read Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice more times than you'd care to admit. You're practically a modern-day Elizabeth Bennett, believing in traditions, chivalry, and true old-school romance. But until Mr. Darcy dances into your life, you're going to rock a classic pendant-encrusted choker. Perhaps the sparkling detail tightly tied around your neck will bring him around sooner. One can only hope.

11. Beaded

The chances that you're working on a DIY project — and have been ever since the day you could pick up a pen and scissors — are very high. You are a creative human and you have the calluses and the handy work experience to prove it. While your beloved beaded choker might not be your own creation, it certainly inspired you to create choker designs of your own. The rest is history. The intricate beaded design on a necklace like this fulfills your knack for detail and sleek design flawlessly.

12. Statement

If someone dared you to skydive, bungee jump, or zip line for a dollar, you'd do it. You're a dare-devil who isn't afraid to take any kind of risk, whether it's jumping out of a plane or wearing an eye-catching, statement-making choker. Your aesthetic reflects your fearlessness and love of memorable choices, including a bold choker piece. Even though you can't wear it while deep sea scuba diving, it's your favorite item in your jewelry collection by far.

13. Long

You admire the elegance and class of historical figures like Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, and Princess Diana. Although you're not the biggest fan of trends that go in and out of fashion (Chanel surely wouldn't approve), even you can't deny the killer look of a cool choker. But, of course, you wear a long, dainty, and sophisticated style to match your luxe tastes. Plus, it looks effortlessly chic with your tweed suit (and Chanel would surely approve of that).

So the next time you throw on that beaded, lace, or tattoo choker, be aware that your favorite '90s accessory might just give you away. Hopefully that's not going to stop you from wearing a choker, is it? Here's to the longevity of the best necklaces known to mankind.

Images: Melodi Erdogan