How To Enter The Milk Makeup x Burton Giveaway

Tons of makeup companies are collaborating on awesome products, but it's not everyday that they team up to give them away. Milk Makeup and Burton are giving away three of their exclusive makeup bags to ten different people. How do you enter the giveaway, you ask? It takes less than a minute to get your name in on this awesome contest.

Remember those super awesome, gray makeup bags that Milk Makeup and Burton created? Well, now you can win all three of them. All you have to do is go to the Milk Makeup site, click on the pop-up, and put in your email address. It's really that easy. Plus 10 lucky people win, so your odds are definitely worth an enter. You should probably head over there now though, because you only have until Aug. 11 at 12 p.m. ET to get in on the fun.

When Milk Makeup and Burton teamed up, people thought that it was an odd pairing. But to the makeup world's surprise, it ended up in a pretty awesome outcome. The two companies created three different lightweight makeup bags that were a complete hit. The gray, metallic coloring was not only cool, but completely practical for one-the-go wear. Now the two are at it again, but this time it won't cost you a thing.

Like they said in the caption, this is v rare and v exclusive. Basically, it's one giveaway that won't come around again. That's not all you win either. The winners will get five makeup products in the bag as well.

That's a whole collection of bags and products that costs you nothing except an email every now and then. It doesn't get much easier than this. According to the site, the winners will be reached by email. That means you should probably stay on the mailing list until Aug. 11.

What are you waiting for? Go enter! Good luck and may the makeup gods be with you!

Images: (2), milkmakeup/Instagram (1)