Olympic Tennis Has A Flexible Uniform

by Kali Borovic

Of course the Olympics is mainly about the sports, but the outfits are pretty excellent too. Tons of teams come all dressed up in matching outfits ready to take on their sports. Unless you're a tennis player, that is. Who made the USA tennis team's Rio Olympics uniforms? The answer isn't super straightforward.

While the opening ceremony and sports like gymnastics and swimming have certain brands that sponsor their team, tennis works a little bit differently. Instead of having one company to come in and make all the outfits for them to wear, tennis players can choose an brand they'd like. According to IBT, things have changed over the years when it comes to Olympic outfit sponsors. The publication says that no brand is allowed to admit that they are an official sponsor with the Olympics, and that continues with many athletes' outfits.

Unlike gymnastics, which has Under Armour make every single one of their outfits, the tennis team can wear any brand. While Venus and Serena Williams opt for Nike attire, other like Andy Murray will be wearing Under Armour, according to IBT. It really just comes down to who already sponsors each person. That's a whole lot different than normal team sports.

Or course, that's different for the podium and opening ceremony outfits. All the athletes will be wearing Nike, if they earn their way to the Olympic podium. They also all wore Polo Ralph Lauren, along with the rest of the USA athletes, as they took the stage for opening ceremony.

After looking at the tennis players' Instagram pages, it looks like majority of them will be wearing Nike. A few were outfitted in other brands though. Nothing is for sure until they hit the court.

No matter what they end up wearing, these athletes are a force to be reckoned with. I guess we'll just have to wait to see what they wear until they step out on the court.