Jaclyn Hill Is Rocking A Very Different Hair Color

In 2016, a selfie usually isn't enough evidence as to whether someone has definitely dyed their hair — something proven by Jaclyn Hill's new hairdo, debuted via Instagram on Aug. 6. The style begs the question: Is Jaclyn Hill's silver hair real? I mean, I wouldn't necessarily be shocked if the makeup artist and YouTube sensation was the latest internet star to jump on the "celebrities wearing wigs" train, especially considering this is such a departure from her staple warm, red hair color.

If you ask me, Hill's original red hair color serves as good evidence against the icy tone being natural, considering red is notoriously one of the hardest colors to remove from your strands. Going from red hair to silver in a matter of a week — when Hill last updated her YouTube channel — sounds like too much of a dream to be true.

Plus, when you look at the image she uploaded to Instagram, the black roots and gray hair on Hill's head seem marginally longer than her mane last week. That said, however, if Hill is going for such a shocking change in hair color, what's to stop her from updating the length with the help of some extensions? I'm not ruling anything out here.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but staring at that hair line has convinced me that Hill has some red baby hairs poking through. Sure, that could totally be thanks to the filter she used on her selfie. But whether fact or fiction, this silver hue has attracted the attention of many of her fans as well as the fans of another YouTube makeup artist: Norvina.

The similarity is striking, especially when seen side by side. Even if Hill's silver hair turns out to be a wig — which I'm convinced it is — it may be a look influenced by the fellow YouTube star.

Who knows? Maybe the next big YouTube beauty challenge will involve vloggers recreating fellow YouTubers' looks. Should that ever be a thing, Hill is already killing the game.

Regardless of whether the new tone is the result of a wig or not, the silver-haired look totally suits Hill and has breathed life into a trend I thought I was over. I guess that if anyone was going to throw us back to a style that has literally only just left our beauty repertoires, it was always going to be a YouTuber with millions of fans.

Image: jaclynhill/Instagram (1)