Why Did Jaclyn Hill Dye Her Hair Silver?

In the beauty world, a drastic hair change is no shocker, at least when compared to other industries. That said, when an iconic YouTube MUA makes the change from their staple red to silver, people are going to ask questions. Like, why did Jaclyn Hill dye her hair silver? How did she do it? And will she upload a YouTube tutorial on all the details?

The most important question of all is arguably whether Hill's silver hair is even real. It wouldn't be too much of a surprise to find out that this usual redhead didn't dramatically change her locks in one week, after all, but instead went for a wig á la Kylie Jenner.

I, however, am not here to analyze how Hill got this amazing black roots, gray hair look, but rather why the makeup artist decided to change up her aesthetic so dramatically. Personally, I have a number of conspiracy theories. But the most realistic answer is simply that she wanted to. I mean, why else does any independent adult do anything related to their style?

For fun's sake, I might as well speculate over other possible explanations for the new 'do, though, since Hill hasn't yet released any further information. For all I know, a clone has taken over the MUA's Instagram account and the only difference between them is opposite hair colors. But I'll admit that this would be unlikely.

On the other hand, being inspired by fellow YouTube stars is a hell of a lot more likely, and Hill's fans have already pointed out the similarities between her new mane and Norvina's, another highly popular vlogger.

So many comparisons are being thrown around on social media that Hill even retweeted one — proving that the MUA at least likes the comparison. Whether or not Norvina directly influenced Hill's silver look is yet to be confirmed by either YouTuber.

Regardless of Hill's reasons for dyeing her hair — if it is dyed — I think this icy look is perfect for her. It complements her piercing blue eyes in a way that is the total opposite of a White Walker, especially with how much her "champagne pop" glow contrasts with the cooler tones.

All in all, however, it doesn't matter what inspired this change, because it's an absolutely gorgeous one.

Image: jaclynhill/Instagram