Too Faced's Papa Don't Peach Palette Is Coming

Another day, another product launch to drool over. Or rather, another product launch to wonder about. Following a mysterious post on Too Faced founder Jerrod Blandino's Instagram page on Aug. 6, I'm left with a multitude of questions. How much is the Too Faced Papa Don't Peach palette? When does it come out? And what does it actually look like under that super cute, super kawaii cover?

To focus on price points for a moment, nothing is yet confirmed. But Too Faced tends to release palettes in the $36 to $49 range. The Totally Cute Eye Shadow Collection Palette, for instance, will set you back $36 for nine gorgeously pigmented shades. The Chocolate Bon Bons Eye Shadow Collection sits at a happy $49 for 16 matte and shimmer hues. And the only outlier on site at the moment is the Power Of Makeup By Nikkie Tutorials Palette, resting at a steeper $56 for nine shadows, two blushes, a highlighter, and a bronzer. I'd wager that the new Papa Don't Peach Palette will fall somewhere in between all of these, at a happy $40-region.

Of course, whether it's actually a palette is also somewhat speculative in the first place. After all, Too Faced released a blush called Papa Don't Peach about five years ago and the blush in Too Faced's Everything Nice Palette is similarly called Papa Don't Peach. The mystery that currently surrounds this new product is almost as strong as it would've been had Blandino not posted an Instagram shot of it. But for now, I'll happily bet that this palette isn't just a regular palette, but a blush palette, thanks to the blush-y history and Blandino's #SweetPeachPalette hashtag on the image.

I might also hazard a few other guesses regarding this product: Due to the peach theme, I assume that the Papa Don't Peach palette is part of the new Too Faced spring collection, which is set to launch in November or December of 2016, according to Blandino's recent Instagram teasers. For most of us beauty aficionados, Blandino's Instagram account is the number-one source for Too Faced news, since the Too Faced co-founder loves leaking #sneakypeek posts.

Considering that there are a hell of a lot of weeks leading up to November, there are hopefully going to be plenty more sneak peeks and surprises on Blandino's page that'll get us pumped for the new collection. Knowing that it smells like peaches and is hopefully going to include some element of the totally sold-out but much sought-after Sweet Peach Too Faced Palette is already hyping me up.

While the price is yet to be confirmed, I can safely say that I'm willing to spend pretty much anything or allocate a big spot on my Christmas list to Santa — for a gorgeously-smelling, brilliantly beautiful, just peachy Too Faced palette.

Image: Jerrod Blandino/Instagram (1)