The Best Colors To Wear When You're Feeling Down

Everyone's got their days when they're feeling down—for me, it's Sunday, when I know the weekend is almost up, or one of the coldest days of the year, when I'm forced to be holed up in my apartment. There are colors to wear when you’re feeling down, though, that can totally improve your look.

For me, there are certain television shows I watch when I need a little pick me up. Friends is my main one, especially the later seasons. When I'm feeling a little lonely, it helps to watch something familiar that I know so, so well. Sex and the City and Ru Paul's Drag Race are a couple other TV shows that give me a good laugh and take me to a different world.

Books are another outlet for me, along with painting my nails and of course, adult coloring books. When I need to get my mind off something, "taking" myself into a different place totally helps. Music can do this, too! I've got a list of cheer up songs queued up for when I need that extra push.

Even visuals can totally help. All around my room, I fill my walls with things I love: photos of my family, pieces of art my friends have gifted me, and even a map of Paris. But sometimes, no matter what I do, I can't shake off the dread I'm feeling. And when this happens, I fake it 'til I make it, and put on my favorite looks and colors to cheer up.

According to Science of People, colors can totally affect your mood. When you need to concentrate and stare at a computer at work, green is your go-to. But for when you need a little boost of energy and good feels, oranges, reds, and yellow hues provide the most joyful feels. also reports that green and yellow are the major happy-feels colors.

"Want to feel more upbeat? Bring in the colors of sunshine and spring fields. In a study from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, adults reported feeling happier around these two colors," according to Hopefully, these pieces will put a little pep in your step.

1. A Yellow Dress

Knot Sisters Christina Dress, $129, Shopbop

Love the neckline on this one.

2. The Lace Detailing

Plus-Size Off The Shoulder Shift Dress, $18, Charlotte Russe

The lace trimming is everything.

3. The Tank Dress

Vestido Vies Tank Dress, $52, Revolve

Cut outs are the look this season.

4. Orange Trousers

Seaside Pant, $90, J.Crew

These look incredibly comfortable.

5. The Jumpsuit

Women's Plus Size Wide Leg Jumpsuit, $60, Target

This color is giving me all the happy feels.

6. The Orange Trim

For Love & Lemons Knit Cardigan, $77, Revolve

These little tassels make me so happy!

7. The Red Off The Shoulder

Off The Shoulder Dress, $10, H&M

I'm obsessed with this beauty paired with espadrilles.

8. The Red Skater Dress

Missguided Plus Lace Skater Dress, $34, Asos

This high pony is everything.

9. The Romper

Blank NYC Ladder Washed Red Romper, $42, Lulus

Relaxed and easy.

10. The Green One-Piece

Red Soul Jumpsuit, $43, Yoox

These look as comfy as pajamas. That will certainly boost your mood!

11. The Shift

Seamed A-line Dress, $138, Nordstrom

A shift dress is everything.

The next time you need a little boost, take a deep breath and open up your closet and choose these warm, cheerful colors. They say you are what you eat—but you are what you wear, too.