'90s Fashion Rules We Swore By

The '90s were such an exciting time for everything: the advent of the Internet, the Mall Madness game, the best television shows, and of course, '90s fashion. Looking back, the things that mattered about fashion in the '90s are totally irrelevant today, though. What I cared about when it came to style when I was a kid in the best decade ever are so different from the minimalist trends of 2016.

In the '90s, I was a youngin, but I carefully watched my older sisters, the oldest going through high school mid-decade. They wore the coolest clothes, had all the lingo down, and carried their backpack with just one strap, looking cool as ever. I was ten years younger than my oldest sister, but I followed her around nonetheless, whining when I had to go to bed while she played video games for another few hours. Raise your hands if you were the youngest and had to watch your siblings play video games instead of having a turn (me).

I watched as my sisters rocked the biggest trends of the '90s: crop tops, flannels, acid washed jeans, little oval sunnies, bandanas, headbands, and chokers galore. It just wasn't fair that I couldn't share clothes with them just yet. Style was everything in the '90s. If you didn't have the coolest backpack, plastic accessories, and jelly shoes, then you felt totally outcasted.

And while I miss so many trends from the '90s, there are so many things I used to stress about back in the day when it came to style that I don't even think about these days.

1. Matching Your Manicure & Pedicure

Back in the '90s, I wouldn't be caught dead without a matching manicure and pedicure color. I mean, who does that?! But now, in 2016, I'm totally all about mis-matching so I can choose two super fun colors. Plus, the statement nail is a thing now!

2. Low Rise Anything

High waisted was the only type of cut you could wear. It wasn't until the early 2000s that low rise became a super hit. These days—I've got both in my closet, and I love the options!

3. Super Thin Brows

We all went through an over-plucking phase. Thank God we were liberated from it. Now, it's all about thick, natural brows.

4. Platforms

I remember crying to my mother when my sister got a pair of electric blue platform sandals and I got a pair of white sneakers. Rude, right?! Nowadays, though, while platforms are back in fashion, I'd much rather wear a flat pair of shoes and be totally comfy.

5. All Of The Grunge

Dirty hair, flannels, and jean jackets were all that mattered in the late '90s. I felt like I had to look like I hadn't showered in days. Today? I like the fresh look, thank you.

6. All Accessories Had To Match

Yellow jacket, yellow skirt, yellow purse, yellow shoes, yellow sunglasses...Need I go on? Now, we're all about mixing prints, and I adore that look.

7. Glossy Lips, Always

Glossy lips were necessary 24/7. Even better if they were glitter. If you went colorless, you better add some clear lip gloss on top! This year, being the year of the Kylie Lip Kit, matte lip glosses are everything.

8. The Furrier, The Better

Keychains, jackets, bags—you name it—if it had feathers, it was a hit. Every backpack of mine had to have at least one feather keychain. Today, we're all about that minimalism.

9. Every Top Had To Be A Spaghetti Strap

I begged my mom so many times to let me wear spaghetti straps to school. Alas, I always had to wear a cardigan over it. Now, I'm a lover of all types of sleeves.

10. Showing Off Your Midriff Is Encouraged

Another thing I fought with my mom about. Crop tops were the only way to go back in the day.

11. Glitter

In the '90s every lotion, cream, blush, or makeup product had to have glitter. It was mandatory, do you hear me?! Same with every top, trouser, and shoe. Now, I need the most natural product that delivers the cleanest results.

As much as I love the '90s, I don't know if I could keep up with the exhaustion of all the style rules that were constantly changing. The hair, the shoes, the clothes, and the makeup all had to be on point. And when my mother refused to let me wear something? Oh, lord. Let's not even get into it. It was a magical era, but I'm glad I can mix and match past and current styles and make my own.

Images: Columbia Pictures, Flower Films