Is This A Hint About Kylie Cosmetics Packaging?

Kylie Jenner's Snapchat is certainly a bite-sized window into her ridiculously glamorous, fabulous life. More importantly, it's also the source of major reveals about Kylie Cosmetics. She unpacked the contents of her gold-dipped Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition Collection on her Snapchat. She often teases new Lip Kit colors via Snaps. She even shared a bunch of Lip Kit shades that were created but eventually rejected and never put into production. Therefore, I often (over)analyze Jenner's Snaps, looking for a crumb of information or subtle hints and teases. I'm wondering if an innocuous Snap referencing of her infamous Kylie Jenner manicures was actually a subtle hint about future Kylie Cosmetics packaging. How so?

Well, obviously, Jenner upscaled the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition Collection packaging, swapping out her usual black dripping lips graphics on the product vials with gold ones. All the boxes are gilded. This weekend, the makeup mogul shared a shot of a past mani from April 2015, with her gold talons painted a liquid gold shade. Her past nails totally reminded me of the Birthday Collection aesthetic.

Jenner asked her followers if she should repeat this mani, replacing gold with gunmetal. I saw that and my brain was immediately like, "OMG! Will she do another Kylie Cosmetics Collection with gunmetal packaging?!"

Observe my screenshot of her Snap.

Jenner doesn't wear her nails this long anymore, but it was a fun, molten metal flashback.

For context, here is the original Instagram of that mani.

Here is the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition Collection in all of its gilded glory.

I can't help but think maybe, just maybe, Jenner was burying a tease about possible and potential future Kylie Cosmetics packaging for special collections. She has to be working on a holiday range. Perhaps she will go with gunmetal packaging to differentiate a holiday set from the standard repertoire? Gunmetal is so chic, cool, and modern. The dripping lips would translate beautifully in a gunmetal finish. So would product caps. Just thinking out loud here...

Remember, Jenner did admit that she had been wearing her Bronze Kyshadow Palette in every Insta pic and Snapchat video for at least five to six months before revealing the shades. So the Kyshadow Palette was hiding in plain sight. That's why it's not a stretch to think maybe she was teasing a possible packaging concept without being too obvious.

Whatever the case, Kylie Jenner and Kylie Cosmetics keep us guessing.

Images: King Kylie Snapchat (1); Kylie Jenner/Instagram (1); Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (2)