The One Bra Hack You Need For Going Backless

Regardless of your breast-size situation, wearing a bra can give many of us a sense of security and support. This is why learning bra hacks for backless clothing is a total must. Sure, we might be clinging onto our bras thanks to beauty standards ingrained by society, or perhaps their positive impact on our backs might just be the simple truth. Whatever the reason, you may not want to let that bra go too easily.

If I'm being honest, I usually show my damn straps and call it a look when going with backless wears. But finding a new backless fix has lead me to question everything I've ever held dear to my heart. Does a bra need to hook up behind my back and nowhere else to be a "bra?" Have I been lied to this whole time by purveyors of stick-on chick fillets? Will I now, finally, after years of being a big-breasted woman, be able to comfortably show off my back to the adoring public?

That's right: ASOS is selling a low back strap converter for your bra by Fashion Forms, which takes the separate back straps of your brassiere and connects them around your stomach — via the strap provided — to make your bra as low-backed as the new dress you've been itching to wear. It may sound complicated, but it all makes sense as soon as you see the revolutionary images.

OK, I'll be the first to admit that this isn't the sexiest look in the world, but with the right amount of alcohol and dimmed lights? You could definitely convince someone that this is some kind of high-end harness bra.

Heck, you could even incorporate the strap into your sexual endeavors if you're feeling a little adventurous. Make the most out of that $18 price tag. We're all struggling Millennials here, after all.

Fashion Forms 2 Pack Low Back Bra Converter, $18, ASOS

Available in two sizes — S/M or L/XL — this adjustable strap isn't fat friendly per se. But for all of my straight sized, bra-wearing friends, the converter is only $18 and comes in a two-pack of beige and black.

Even if you're not sure when you'll use it, how you'll use it, or how often you'll use it, the product still seems worth the investment. And who knows? If the product is successful, we might see it in ASOS' Curve section in the not-so-distant future.

Of course, my number-one advice for going backless with a bra is still to stop caring about showing that bra. I mean, if you spent over $50 on it, people should see it. As sexy as an unclothed back may be, showing a bit of bra can be equally hot.

But until you unlock the next level in your body positivity, consider investing in a bra converter to help you ease your way into the world of backless clothes.

Images: ASOS