How To Buy 2016 Team USA Olympic Swimsuits

Depending on your half-empty or half-full, pessimist vs. optimist perspective, Summer 2016 is either almost over or there is still plenty of warm weather fun to be had alongside bodies of water, such as the pool or the ocean. The Olympic swimmers in Rio are proof of that. The 2016 USA Swim Team uniforms were designed by a familiar swimwear brand. Men's Fitness and NBC both reported that Speedo International created some of the swimwear donned by the athletes and competitors. These pool pieces are anything but basic. They are actually heavy duty swimsuits designed with a particular mission and that's to help the wearers look and feel their best during the heat of competition.

What styles did Speedo create? The brand crafted custom, country-specific versions of the Fastskin LZR Racer X and Fastskin LZR Racer 2 swimsuits and made them available to the Olympians. The press release stated that the designs were meant to call attention to muscle definition and to help swimmers will feel fast while in the water.

Swimmer Missy Franklin rocked a navy blue Racer 2 suit, which factored stars and stripes into the design.

Check out Franklin in full swim attire. It fits her frame like a glove, doesn't it?

The best accessory? Oh, just a gold medal around her neck! So where can you get the 2016 Team USA swimsuits?

Female LZR Elite 2 USA Open Back Kneeskin, $470, Speedo

The brand is selling similar styles on its site. This edition is expensive at nearly $500. But remember that it's also a performance piece. If you are a serious swimmer with Olympic aspirations or collegiate ones, you may want to consider this as an investment piece.

Female LZR Racer X Printed Kneeskin, $364 to $520, Speedo

Here's another option, with some difference in the gold detailing near the waist and hips. It's also pricy, but performance pieces are.

There unis are not merely about slathering on sunscreen and lounging by the pool in a bikini or a a sexy one-piece. They are meant to enhance competitive performance. There are more 2016 USA Swim Team style suits on the Speedo site, so get browsing!

Images: Courtesy of Speedo (4)