13 Awesome Hair Tools With Really High Reviews

The first time I used a flat iron, I was eleven years old at my best girlfriend’s house, and wholeheartedly astonished that this seemingly simple tool could give me the same hairdo as Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap. I’m still pretty enamored with the best styling tools (especially if they happen to be hair tools with great reviews), even though after 13 years of daily use, the astonishment of flat ironing has since worn off.

The Natural Hair Revolution is in full swing, and if that’s your cup of tea, I’m all for it — less styling means less damage, and that’s definitely a good thing. I, however, have resigned myself to the fact that I will probably heat-style my hair every day of my life, granted I’ve already been doing it for years and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. That means that it’s even more important for me to find great-quality hair tools, because if you’re willing to invest in a hot iron with high ratings or a professional blow dryer, you can get the job done faster, more efficiently, and with way less damage. Check out these hot hair tools that reviewers are absolutely flipping over, as well as a few that require no heat at all.

1. Get Sleek, Straight Hair While Preserving Moisture

Le Beaute Ceramic Flat Iron , $23, Amazon

This Le Beaute ceramic flat iron has almost-perfect ratings because it’s made for all types of hair, heats up in less than 30 seconds, and uses far infrared heat to straighten while preserving moisture and preventing damage. Even reviewers with seemingly impossible-to-tame hair can’t stop talking about how lightweight, smooth, and effective this straightener is.

2. Automatically Curl Your Hair With Minimal Effort

BlueTop Professional Automatic Ceramic Hair Curler , $58, Amazon

For ladies who are into the curly look but don’t know much about technique, this BlueTop professional automatic ceramic hair curler does all the heavy lifting for you. It simply pulls hair through the curler to create loose, beautiful ringlets, and it does so with ionizing technology and a ceramic design that protects your hair from damage and tames frizz.

3. Keep Your Hair Clipped And Out Of the Way

IBEET Croc Hair Styling Clips , $7 (Was $10), Amazon

These IBEET Croc hair styling clips have a five-star rating because they’re lightweight and hold a lot of hair, all without slipping or pinching. Even reviewers with extra-thick hair have no problem with them, which makes these clips ideal for styling, separating, or just keeping your hair out of your face.

4. Straighten Every Single Strand

Codream Hair Straightener Brush , $30 (Was $49), Amazon

Hair Straightening brushes are awesome for taming each strand with less damage, and the Codream Hair Straightener Brush is one of the best examples. This highly-rated brush saves you loads of time and pain with its six-temperature settings and anti-scald design, and reviewers love it because it eliminates frizz, is super easy to use, and cuts your styling time down significantly.

5. Find A Great Blower For A Great Price

Remington Silk Ceramic Ionic Professional Hair Dryer , $33 (Was $40), Amazon

The Remington Silk ceramic ionic hair dryer is my personal go-to dryer, and I’ve never owned a better one. It dries my hair really fast with its ionic generator, protein-coated grill, and extensive air flow, and it does it all without making my hair look dry or fried. It also comes with various attachments, and I’m pretty sure I’ll never use any other dryer ever again.

6. Cover All Your Bases With One Tool

Berta 3 in 1 Ceramic Hot Brush , $32 (Was $70), Amazon

If you’re looking to streamline your hot tools drawer, this Berta 3-in-1 ceramic hot brush has it all. It’s a hot brush, straightener, and curler all in one, and it’s got great features like digital temperature control, a swivel cord, a ceramic plate, and bristles to hold onto your hair. Reviewers are thrilled, no matter what kind of look they’re going for, with one even saying, “I was amazed how fast it got the job done.”

7. Diffuse Your Hair With Any Dryer On The Go

Vswish Universal Diffuser , $12 (Was $18), Amazon

If you’ve got naturally curly hair that you’re looking to style, look no further than this Vswish universal diffuser. It fits almost every hair dryer, directs an even flow of air upwards to dry hair while forming tight, manageable curls, and it folds up for easy travel and storage. No more bulky attachments in your suitcase with this one.

8. Keep Your Hot Tools From Causing Damage

Mokale Universal Professional Flat Iron Holder , $11, Amazon

To keep your fingertips and countertops from burning, there’s this Mokale universal professional flat iron holder. It’s got a contemporary sleek design that holds most brands of flat irons, and it’s got suction cups on the bottom to keep it from tipping over. One reviewer says, “Perfectly ingenious! I don't get excited to often about a beauty tool, but with this I did.”

9. Style Your Hair Like A Pro

Styling Essentials Natural Boar Bristles Hair Brush , $13 (Was $26), Amazon

A great brush is an absolute must when you’re styling with a blow dryer. This Styling Essentials natural boar bristles hair brush is made with boar bristles to evenly distribute your hair’s natural oils, which makes it sleeker and better moisturized. It’s also got a sturdy design and anti-static handle that’s easy to use, and reviewers are calling it the “perfect brush.”

10. Effortlessly Twist And Curl With This Sponge

Vogani Hair Sponge Brush , $15, Amazon

This Vogani hair sponge brush has super high ratings because it’s one of the best ways to style, twist, and curl coiled hair. It’s got uniform seven millimeter holes that deliver a professional look without any hassle or pain, and it’s made into a great lightweight shape for easy handling.

11. Invest In An Awesome Curling Iron

Wazor Tapered Ceramic Hair Curling Iron , $27 (Was $50), Amazon

When it comes to tapered hair curlers, this Wazor Tapered ceramic hair curling iron has reviewers flipping out. It’s really convenient to use because it heats up instantly, has a swivel-cord, utilizes an auto-turn-off feature, and emits heat evenly to curl even the most stubborn hair. Reviewers are saying things like, “Gave me beautiful, shiny and gorgeous curls, not too big or too small,” and “The curls last the whole day, and I'm in love.”

12. Get Sleek, Shiny Waves In No Time

BlueTop Professional 3 Barrel Waver Iron , $35, Amazon

It’s hard to find a waver with high ratings, and so far, this BlueTop professional 3 barrel waver iron is one of the best I’ve seen. It heats up quickly and has three aluminum alloy barrels to give you effortless, shiny waves, whether your hair is thick, thin, curly, straight — whatever.

13. Achieve Curls Overnight Without Any Heat

Diane Twist-Flex Rods , $10 (Was $13), Amazon

If you’re looking for heat-free curls, these Diane twist-flex rods have nearly 1,000 incredible reviews. Each rod is extra twistable and soft, so it holds hair well and feels comfortable on your head overnight, and because they come in six different diameters, you can personalize how tight your curls come out.

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