How To Buy USA Women's Volleyball Uniforms

The US women's volleyball team has a lot of great things going for it — and their uniforms are one of them. So, how can you buy the USA women's volleyball uniforms? It's a great way to show team pride, after all — and this year's Olympic team is definitely worth being proud of.

Have you been following women's volleyball at the Olympics this time around? They're still in the preliminaries, but things are looking good for Team USA — they've already won against Puerto Rico and the Netherlands, and it's looking like they'll make it far in the competition. That said, it's worth noting that Brazil is heavily favored to win with current odds at 5-4 — but the US is not far behind with 5-2 odds. 2016 may end up being similar to 2008 and 2012, with Brazil with gold and the US with silver. At any rate, though, Team USA is very likely to make it to the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals, which will take place on August 16th, 18th, and 20th respectively — and it'll be exciting to watch them continue to advance in the competition. Heck, maybe they can even beat the odds this year, Brazil's home court advantaged be damned.


Back to those jerseys, though. Is it possible to nab one for yourself? Luckily, yes: Sportswear brand Mizuno designed the team uniforms, and has spot-on replicas available for sale on their website. You can get them in red, white, or blue, and there's a customizable version (you can add your own name and number) coming soon.

Women's National Team Replica Jersey, $100,

According to the Team USA website, they feature the same "fit, fabric and design as used by the US Women's Senior National Volleyball Team," and are indeed "identical to what the National Teams wear."

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If you're a volleyball fan, it's definitely something worth investing in — after all, those Team USA jerseys are pretty fly.