Kylie Jenner Might've Teased New Lip Kit Colors

It's been one heck of a summer for Kylie Cosmetics, but we all knew it would be thanks to Kylie Jenner's #SummerSurprises. Now, Jenner may be revealing another #SummerSurprise. Did Kylie Jenner just reveal new Kylie Cosmetics lip kit colors? This news is a mixed bag for fans of the brand. Jenner did, in fact, post photos of herself and friends like Jordyn Woods rocking new lip kits at a shoot for the brand. Each woman in the photo looks gorgeous, but there's a catch. Jenner's Snapchat photo was in black and white. While we now know that the new Kylie Cosmetics lip kits are coming, we're not necessarily any closer to discovering the colors.

However, that doesn't mean we can't take educated guesses. On her Snapchat, Jenner and three girlfriends can be see looking gorgeous in lip kits at a photoshoot. In a video post, Jenner explains that the four are at a photoshoot for Kylie Cosmetics. In the video, it's cleat that the four different women are each rocking a different lip kit, and while Jenner doesn't say they're new, the fact that all of the photos and videos are in black and white is a total tip-off that new shades are on the horizon.

In the most telling photo, the four women can be seen sitting side by side, and we get a great look at what could be the upcoming kits. Three of the shades look matte, but on the end, that looks like a metal matte if you ask me.

Jenner also caption the photo "Flavors" making me wonder if there is a theme to the newest lip kit — or it could be totally innocuous and I'm over thinking things. Based on what I'm seeing these new shades — other than the one see on Woods — look dark, so maybe a chocolate theme collection?

Whatever is coming, though, Kylie Jenner's #SummerSurprises don't seem like they're stopping. With a potential sneak peek of new Kylie Cosmetics lip kits, fans may just be able to cope with the Birthday Collection leaving on August 10.

Images: Dawn Foster/Bustle; Kylie Jenner/Snapchat