Where To Buy Team USA's Swim Caps

If you're fully zoned into the 2016 Olympics at this point, you'll know about cupping, those adorable women's USA gymnastics uniforms, and Michael Phelps winning his 19th gold medal. If there's one place to totally be decked out in patriotic apparel, it's definitely participating or viewing the Olympics. If you're a fellow swimmer and are wanting to know where to buy the USA Swim Team caps, you're in luck.

The USA Swim Team is wearing all Speedo apparel, which makes sense since the swimmer company is a partner of USA Swimming. Both men and women swimmers have black and white swim caps that they can pair with their swimsuits. The white caps are for preliminary events while the black caps are for semi-final and final events.

Less is more when it comes to this year's design of the swim caps. The caps feature the athletes' last names and an American flag so that they fully represent the U.S. from head-to-toe. But I think that the sleek design of the caps and the uniforms are perfect for the swimmers' events without sacrificing their red, white, and blue pride.

If you want to copy the swim team's style this summer, you can get your own caps from Speedo.

1. USA Flag Silicone Cap

USA Flag Silicone Cap, $11, Speedousa

This cap comes in both black and white.

2. Starband Silicone Cap

Starband Silicone Cap, $15, Speedousa

I could totally see the team wearing these next year for fun!

3. Kiss My Lane Silicone Cap

Kiss My Lane Silicone Cap, $15, Speedousa

And for an even more fun while speeding through the lanes, try this patriotic cap.

#TeamSpeedo is killing it this year so far.

So many pieces are involved in the USA Swim Team's uniform.

Images: Getty Images (1); Courtesy of Speedo (3); speedousa/Instagram; teamusa/Instagram