Here's Which Kylie Cosmetic Products Are LE

If you've yet to make your dream Kylie Cosmetics purchase yet, then you'll want to listen up. Some standout products are leaving the site soon. That means you'll want to plan your next shopping haul wisely. Which Kylie Cosmetics products are limited edition, you ask? After the Lip Kit queen's birthday, there will some big changes coming to the site.

In case you missed the big bold banner at the top of, the Birthday Collection is limited edition. The brand new lip colors, shadows, and the adorable bag will all be leaving very soon. How soon? The last restock will be August 10 — Jenner's 19th birthday — and after that the products will leave the site. That means forever, people!

In case you're wondering, that also includes the mini liquid lipstick set as well. Basically, if it has gold packaging, it won't be around for much longer. There are a few other Kylie Cosmetics products that were limited edition as well, and some you may have missed your chance to scoop up. The company has launched limited edition products before — remember those Fourth of July Lip Kits? Once they all sold out, they were really gone for good.

Don't be too upset though. While some products are leaving, I'm sure that just means that some awesome new ones are on the way. She already shared sneak peeks of her new Kyshadow Kits and three new matte Lip Kits.

The important thing is to stock up items that are about to go. Here's a list of everything that you'll want to get your hands on before it's too late (and a few items that are long gone already).

1. Makeup Bag

Kylie Cosmetics Makeup Bag, $42,

Unfortunately this adorable little bag won't be around for much longer. Fingers crossed she makes another one super soon!

2. Poppin' Gloss

Poppin' Gloss, $16,

This shiny shade is one of the few that doesn't sell out every single time its restocked. Your chances are good if you're looking to snag it in the next restock.

3. Lord Metal Liquid Lipstick

Lord Metal, $19,

Because the metallic lip trend is far from over, my friends.

4. Dark Bronze Kyliner

Dark Bronze Kyliner Kit, $38,

This was the first time that Jenner released eyeliners, but I'm guessing that it won't be the last.

5. Mini Liquid Lipstick Kit

Matte Lipstick Mini Kit, $36,

The mini kit is by far the best value of the Birthday Collection. It's your last chance to get six gorgeous colors for just $6 each.

6. Leo Lip Kit

Leo Lip Kit, $30,

Add this hue to the LE Lip Kit graveyard.

7. Rose Gold Shadow

Rose Gold Crème Shadow, $20,

The cream shadows were also a brand new launch. Fingers crossed that the formula is gone forever too.

8. Copper Shadow

Copper Crème Shadow, $20,

If rose gold isn't the color for you, there's always this gorgeous bronze.

9. Birthday Collection Bundle

The Bundle, $195,

Or you could just collect them all with the bundle.

10. Dead of Knight Lip Kit

Dead of Knight Lip Kit, $29,

There's no saying whether this black lip color will be back, but it is considered limited edition so you might need to hit up eBay if you need it in your life.

11. Freedom Lip Kit

Freedom Lip Kit, $29,

The Fourth of July color made a comeback recently, but it's unfortunately sold out.

12. Skylie Lip Kit

This one is gone for good too.

13. Kymajesty Lip Kit

This is one of the metals that seems to a thing of the past as well.

May the makeup gods be with you on the next restock of her birthday collection!

Images: (9), kyliecosmetics/Instagram (1)