See Swatches Of Wet N Wild's New Liquid Lipsticks

A great drugstore beauty brand just got even better. In addition to their super affordable eyeshadows, setting sprays, and makeup tools, Wet 'N Wild is launching liquid lipsticks this fall. If you're not excited by the initial news, then these Color Icon Matte Liquid Lipstick swatches will get you ready for a new season of lip wear. Because who doesn't need another affordable liquid lipstick in their life?

In my opinion, Wet N Wild has been absolutely killing it with their new products. First came their 1 Step Wonder Gel polish, which are some of the best nail colors I've ever tried. Then came their cruelty free brushes — always a win. Now, in addition to colored mascara, they're launching a brand new lip product in their fall collection. There's no telling exactly when these products will come out or how much they'll cost (although they are guaranteed to be a steal) but these swatches will get you pretty excited.

There might only be four options as far as colors go so far, but they're all completely gorgeous. Wet N Wild posted a photo on their Instagram of the Color Icon Matte Liquid Lipsticks and then swatched them for all of their Snapchat fam to see. Just wait until you see these gorgeous shades for yourself. Just be warned though, it'll make you wish that summer was already over.

Neutrals and pops of color? It doesn't get much better than this. They might be coming out for fall, but makeup has no rules. If you want to rock the hot pink hue in the winter, far be it for anyone to stop you. After seeing these swatches, that's exactly what you'll do too.

It's the best of both worlds, dark and bright. The names are just as great as the shades too. From left to right they're Too Tulip To Quit, How Fleek Is Your Love, Don't Be A Plum-Plum, and Take It Like A Vamp. Love it!

Affordable products and gorgeous shades? Yes, please. Fall can't come soon enough!

Images: wetnwildbeauty/Instagram (1), wetnwildbeauty/Snapchat (1)