People Are Loving Kylie Cosmetics Creme Shadows

The Birthday Collection marked a lot of firsts for this brand. Not only were favorites bundled together for the first time, but new products were also introduced. The crème shadows were new releases, and now that the packages are in (for a lucky few folks) it’s time to finally find out, are Kylie Jenner’s Crème Shadows worth it?

Jenner’s Birthday Collection products are never going to be seen again once they leave the site on August 10, but while you may not be able to shop the Rose Gold or Copper crème shadow shades forever, I have a feeling that the formula will be making a comeback in the future. Nothing’s been officially announced, but now that Jenner’s into eye shadow territory, there’s no way she’s backing down, right?

She’s already released her first eye palette, and she recently said another one is on the way. Based on the Twitter reactions to her first-ever crème shadows, people are in love with them and are definitely hoping they stick around for good. According to the reactions, the formula is incredibly soft and easy to apply, making them well worth their $20 price tag. I sure hope Jenner’s taking note of how positively the products were received. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for her fans, and if the people want more crème shadows, I’m sure she’ll deliver. In the meantime, there’s still one more time to shop her Birthday Collection shades. So, get ready to scoop up the creamy goodness on August 10!

These shimmering shades are stunning.

And they're just as gorgeous out of their pots.

Their application is as dreamy as their color too, apparently.

That explains why they look so incredible on the lid.

Will the crème formula become permanent like the Kyshadow palette?

Fans of the brand surely hope so!

Even if they came in different shades and weren't gold-infused, they'd still be pretty incredible.

Because when Jenner creates a product, it's always amazing.

Image: kyliecosmetics/Instagram (1)