Here's What We Know About Kyshadow's New Palettes

Kylie Jenner is officially on a roll when it comes to her Kylie Cosmetics products. From the launch of the birthday collection to its subsequent restocks, the brand is bigger than ever. Her Kyshadows solidified that, but she's got two more. So, will the next two Kyshadow palettes be released at the same time? It's all still a mystery as of now, but the mystery hasn't stopped Jenner from teasing fans about the shadows on her social media.

On Monday, Jenner took to her Snapchat to not just showcase a photoshoot she and friends were doing for Kylie Cosmetics but to also give fans a black and white preview of the two new Kyshadow palettes. While the darkened images didn't give too much away, they show that Jenner definitely has these sure-to-be beauties in the works. Later Monday evening, Jenner again took to Snapchat to confirm that she'd perfected her second Kyshadow palette. So we obviously have to ask will the next two Kyshadow palettes be released at the same time?

Jenner has a habit of launching products together. Just look at her lip kits and glosses. Most recently, Jenner launched Kristin, Ginger, and Maliboo, her summer shades, together, not separately. When she launched her glosses, she launch Like, Literally, and So Cute all at the same time. Why not do so with the Kyshadow palettes? Well, Bustle reached out to Jenner's team who cryptically said, "We will know soon."

As of now, Jenner has give no more hints regarding the upcoming Kyshadows but with a message like that from her team, keeping an eye out for announcements on Jenner's social media channels is a must. Whether it's a swatch, a launch date, or a makeup tutorial, my guess is that something is going to go down with Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics very soon.

Until then, you can go ahead and get prepped for the upcoming restock of the KyShadow Bronze palette that's set to happen August 12. It'll definitely require some prepping, too, considering that each time the palette has been restocked, it's sold out in under two minutes.

So until the next restock or the next cryptic Kylie Jenner message, we'll all be wondering if the next two Kylie Cosmetics Kyshadow palettes will be launched at the same time. One can only hope we're that lucky.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram