This Tarte Collab Is Limited Edition

The first question I usually ask myself (or beauty publicists) regarding blockbuster makeup collabs is this: Is it limited edition or permanent addition? The Tarte x Styled by Hrush eye and cheek palette has arrived and it's a beauty on par with the brand's prior mashups. Previously, Tarte teamed up with MakeupShayla for a face palette and with grav3yardgirl for the Swamp Queen palette. For this palette, the brand partnered with Hrush Achemyan, a makeup artist who works with Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

Of course I have my usual question regarding the status of this palette, which is comprised of soft, wearable neutrals and pinks. Is the Styled by Hrush palette limited edition or is it a permanent product?

Here's the scoop, palette lovers, Tartelettes, and KarJenner junkies! The palette, which launched on August 9 and is still available to shop via the Tarte site with a one-per-customer limit, is not permanent. It is "limited edish" so head over to the Tarte site to scoop one up sooner than later.

It should sell out quickly, since it won't be around forever, it's attached to the Kardashians and Jenners, and the colors are insanely beautiful.

Have you seen it? If not, let's remedy that situation right now. Observe!

The Vamp shade is easily my favorite. I am loving that matte richness.

The sleek and chic, mock croc packaging is so classic and catches the eye.

The palette works with two features and boasts plenty of shades to play with, thus letting you create custom looks. Expect to hit pan on more than one shade. The palette is also super affordable at just $30.

And those are the core reasons you should shop this palette if it suits your budget and satisfies your makeup wants and needs.

Styled by Hrush Eye + Cheek Palette, $30, Tarte Cosmetics

This palette is loaded with autumnally appropriate shades. It can take you from day to night with the shade range, too. That Royal hue? That's beyond ready for evening wear.

Oh, look! Here's a user guide that will allow you get the most out of the Styled by Hrush palette.

The Tarte x Styled by Hrush palette is here now so grab it while it's grabbable.

Images: Tarte Cosmetics/Instagram (2); Styled by Hrush/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Tarte (2)