The Leo Lip Kit Is Super Exclusive

This has been one heck of a birthday extravaganza for Kylie Cosmetics, but what else would you expect from this super glam diva, you know? You need to find out if the Leo Lip Kit is limited edition before the final Birthday Collection restock happens because while it’s been nice, all good things come to an end, even when it comes to Kylie Cosmetics.

The days leading up to Kylie Jenner’s birthday have been filled with beauty restocks and sell outs, and honestly, it’s been amazing. Especially if you were lucky enough to get your hands on any of Jenner’s birthday themed items. She launched lip gloss, crème shadows, Kyliner and more in honor of turning 19. She was up front from the beginning that these items would only be on sale until her birthday, and she really meant it.

Kylie Cosmetics tweeted again confirming that Jenner's birth date is the last chance to grab any of the Birthday Collection products. So yes, that means the Leo Lip Kit, the Poppin’ Lip Gloss and the rest of the glam gang. These products will be available on August 10 at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT, so if you haven’t gotten these goodies yet, this is truly your last shot. According to Jenner, you won’t be seeing this products again, and I guess that makes her birthday and these incredible shades all the more special.

These shades are all super exclusive.

Because a birthday only comes around once a year, after all.

It makes this lip color even more of a standout, if you ask me.

From the gold packaging to the color inside, there's nothing not to love about this lippie.

Jenner's already proven that it makes a statement, and if you're lucky enough to own it, you'll find that out for yourself.

The fact that these items are truly limited edition makes them even more covetable than most Kylie Cosmetics products.

So, if you hadn't convinced your bank account to let you get these goodies yet, let the fact that they won't be back again help your argument!

Image: kyliecosmetics/Instagram (1)