James Franco Has Rainbow Hair Now

If you were scrolling through your Instagram feed yesterday and happened to catch a slightly surprising (and seriously weird) snap and wondered: Is James Franco's rainbow hair real? You are definitely not alone. The actor debuted a pretty dramatic hair change on Instagram on Tuesday, and here's exactly what's going on.

We can always count on James Franco to be...a little out there and routinely shock us all, but this time he's outdone himself, revealing long, rainbow hued hair on Instagram. What is going on?! The actor took a mirror selfie, showing off shoulder-length straight hair with pink and blue ends, and even though he's known for being a little crazy every now and then, this is definitely a shocker. Even for him.

I'm not entirely sure whether you'll be relieved or disappointed, but his rainbow hair isn't actually real, ladies and gents. First of all, the post was captioned "ONLY in AMERICA RIFF RAFF (@jodyhighroller) video dropping soon!!!," indicating that this look is for rapper Riff Raff's latest music video. Franco's most likely just rocking a wig for the video. Especially given the fact that his hair is short, so there's no way it grew out that fast.

I mean — whoa. Totally cray, right? Now check his hair three weeks ago:

So you can see, this is most definitely a wig. But judging by these photos, it's going to be one seriously epic video.

And you never know — he may decide to rock the wig IRL. Anything goes with this one.