The Kylie Kimoji iPhone Case May Not Last Long

Even though she's been celebrating for about a week now, on Wednesday, it was officially Kylie Jenner's birthday. A Kylie Cosmetics birthday collection restock isn't the only way she celebrated. The Kylie Kimoji phone case is officially available, but it's got fans asking is the Kylie Kimoji iPhone case limited edition? For those looking to snag the latest piece of Kimoji merchandise to support your favorite member of the Kardashian and Jenner family, you may want to hurry it up. As it turns out, the Kylie Kimoji iPhone case is, in fact, limited edition because according to Jenner's website, today is the only day it's available for purchase.

Jenner's birthday has essentially been a social media frenzy. From debuting new hair for the occasion to debuting and restocking — more than once — her Kylie Cosmetics birthday collection, the internet has been ablaze with news of Jenner's birthday, and on her actual birthday, things definitely didn't slow down thanks to the Kylie Kimoji phone case.

While some would assume that a special limited edition Kylie Kimoji phone case would be expensive, the case is actually affordable, and if you're a Kylie Jenner fan, it's the perfect way to both showcase your love of the makeup maven and emulate her style considering she's rocked the phone case herself.

Jenner is even rocking the case on her birthday. In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Jenner can be seen sporting a coral bikini and her phone cleverly covered with her own face. That's how you celebrate your birthday.

So if you've been wondering if the Kylie Kimoji iPhone case is limited edition, it totally is, and you should snag it as soon as possible. Head over the Kimoji merch store to get the case before it's all gone.