Twitter Reacts To Kylie Cosmetics' Last Restock

Say goodbye to the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection. On Wednesday, Jenner's company, Kylie Cosmetics restocked her special edition collection for the very last time, and as of press time, the bundled collection as well as some of the most popular pieces were gone. Twitter reactions to Kylie Cosmetics' last birthday collection restock show just how devoted her fans are to the brand. From those bummed that they weren't able to get their hands on the products to the people pleading for the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star to keep the products around, people feel passionate about Jenner's collection.

During the week of her birthday — August 10 — Jenner didn't just restock the birthday collection once. She gave fans twice the love restocking the collection two times during the week. Both times, her signature items sold out fast. The birthday bundle — which features every items in the collection — and the mini matte lip kits were some of the first to go, and as of Wednesday night, they'd sold out again prompting some Twitter users to be somewhat distraught and others to be over the moon at snagging them.

Regardless of whether Jenner's fans were able to get the birthday collection during its last restock, there's no denying that they had strong feelings about it.

1. Mini Matte Sadness

It's definitely one of the most popular products.

2. Can We Get A Restock?

Just one more, Kylie. One more!

3. Fingers Crossed

It's Kylie Cosmetics, so I've got high hopes.

4. The Struggle Is Real

Don't we all wish the same?

5. It's A Passing Fancy

You think it's going to happen, and then....

6. We're All A Little Salty

It's really a devastating blow.

7. Life Goals

If only we could all be this lucky.