Shop The 2016 Olympics USA Medal Stand Uniforms

Team USA has been crushing the 2016 Olympics in Rio, already scoring more than 12 medals just a couple of days in, but the Games are not the only thing they are rocking, because they have totally been slaying it in the fashion department, too. You may now be wondering — where can you buy the 2016 Olympics USA Medal Stand uniforms? Because if you've caught a glimpse of the athletes receiving their medals, you know just how dope those suits are.

Powerhouse sportswear brand, Nike, designed the most fabulous track suits so that USA athletes can accept their Olympic medals in style. Each of the winners will be donning a red, white, and blue zip jacket and track pants with the letters "USA" reading down the back — super patriotic in the most non-cheesy way.

Being that Nike is notorious for bringing together innovative functionality with fashion-forward styles, the suits are packed with red and blue knit stripes that allow for sweat-wicking breathability and lots of mobility, according to Well + Good. So not only do the uniforms nail that whole trendy athleisure aesthetic, they are also pretty cutting-edge in their technical design.

The sweetest part? You don't have to be an Olympian to snag these awesome threads for yourself.

NikeLab Team USA Dynamic Reveal Women's Jacket, $450,

The jacket is available to shop at

NikeLab Team USA Dynamic Reveal Women's Jacket, $450,

It's pretty freaking cool to have the same jacket as the Olympic Gold medalists, right?!

NikeLab Team USA Dynamic Reveal Women's Jacket, $450,

It has even got the official US Olympic Team badge. Pretty cool, huh?


So now you can totally pretend you were part of the Olympics.

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