Here's How Much The Better Together Palette Costs

The Too Faced x Kat Von D Better Together collection is finally here! That means not only do you know what's in the makeup line, but you can start saving up for exactly which products you want. The heart-shaped eye kit is the star of the show, so it's definitely something to add to your wish list. How much does the Better Together eyeshadow palette cost? You'll be happily surprised by the price.

Before we get into the exact price of the palette, let me break things down for you. If you think that all you get is a few eyeshadows, then think again. The eye collection comes with the double-sided magnetic palette with twelve different shades designed by both of the makeup brands. On top of that you'll also get a Better Than Sex Mascara, and a Tattoo Liner. That's pretty much everything you could possibly need to create a gorgeous eye look.

Now that the details are out of the way, let's talk price. According to Allure, you can get the entire Better Together eyeshadow collection for $65. Considering a Tattoo Liner is $20 and Better Than Sex Mascara is $23 on their own, that makes the palette worth about $22 on it's own. That's a pretty good deal, if you ask me.

I honestly can't think of a better combination than this. Besides getting a brand new shadow palette, you're getting two cult products that you already know are great. Plus the colors are so versatile. Each half offers six brand new shades that will wow their fans.

The Kat Von D Beauty side offers a bright periwinkle, stunning red, and a true black among a few neutrals. There's even a metallic shade included, so you can turn your everyday shadow into a bold night eye look.

It's all about the glitter on the Too Faced side. They came up with four metallic shades and two neutrals that could easily make for a day or night look. Plus the two sides would look gorgeous together — hence the name. of the collab.

That's not all you can get in the collection either. To round out the Better Together theme, you can also get travel sized pairs of some of the brands' cult classic items as well, according to Allure. You can snag a cute little makeup bag that highlights both of the creator's pets too.

Although you'll still have to wait until Dec. 26 to get your hands on the collection, this is definitely worth the wait. Is it winter yet?

Images: katvondbeauty (1)