Swatches Of Morphe's Pressed Pigments Are Gorgeous

It seems like a month can't go by without this company creating another product. On top of their new makeup tools and a gorgeous brush rebrand, Morphe is launching pressed powder eyeshadow singles. If you thought their single shadows were awesome, then just wait until you see these. There isn't a release date out quite yet, but swatches of Morphe's pressed powders will get you excited to shop them.

This summer alone Morphe created three brand new makeup sponges, launched a line of glosses, and completely rebranded their Elite Brush Collection. It looks like they're not slowing down either. They've got a brand new eyeshadow formula that looks even better than their current eye colors, if you can even believe it. According to the company's Instagram, there will be 30 new shades rolling out sometime soon.

Although there isn't a launch date or a price quite yet, I'm willing to bet that these will completely be worth the price tag. Morphe is known for having affordable yet completely trustworthy products. Heck, even makeup artist and YouTube vlogger Jaclyn Hill has the company on her favorites list. Their standard single shadows are $2.29 while their premium shades are $5.99. I can't imagine them pricing the new pressed powders much higher than that.

How gorgeous are these! You can practically see their shine through the photo. The pans look to be the same size as their premium shadows, but come in their own little case. There's no telling yet whether or not you'll be able to pop them out of the case and into a z-palette, though.

The fall shades are completely on point here. This is only about half of them too. The real kicker are the gorgeous swatches Morphe shared on their Instagram story. They didn't show every single one of the shades, but the ones they did were completely swoon-worthy.

How gorgeous are those! The pigmentation is absolutely insane, which doesn't surprise me one bit. Compared to the normal shades, they seem to be a lot more smooth than the original formula.

These are the perfect balance between high color and shine. I can't wait to see all the other colors they came up with. Hopefully there will be a release date that doesn't keep fans waiting forever.

Image: morphebrushes/Instagram (4)