Kylie Jenner Is A Fan Of No-Makeup Selfies

For someone who started a whole empire based on makeup, the youngest Jenner gal sure loves to go makeup-free quite often. The 19-year-old recently posted another no-makeup selfie on Instagram, and it got me thinking — how many total bare-faced photos has she shared? If you've wondered the same, then you're in luck, because I've found every makeup-free selfie Kylie Jenner has ever posted.

When you think of Kylie, things like Lip Kit queen, makeup maven, and all-around beauty guru come to mind, so it's kind of ironic that she is also fond of ditching makeup altogether, perhaps even as much as she loves getting all dolled up. She took to Instagram on Friday, sharing a makeup-free selfie of herself, revealing a totally bare face and flaunting her natural skin in all its glory. Who knew she had so may freckles?

For someone who has a glam squad on deck, formulates her own makeup, and looks practically flawless each time she makes a public appearance, it's pretty awesome that she isn't afraid to go au naturel, reminding fans of another reason why she is super relatable.

It comes with no surprise that Jenner looks just as amazing without her makeup as she does with it on. Let's check out all her makeup-free selfies, shall we?

1. On A Monday

This is what I call flawless.

2. At Bedtime

Looks like Jenner is all about a clean face at bedtime.

3. While Jet-Setting


4. Chilling In A Robe

Seriously, her complexion is impeccable.

5. With No Filter

Her plump pout still look amazing sans lipstick.

6. When First Waking Up

She woke up like this.

7. With Her BFF

Friends who stay in together, stay together.

8. While Playing With Snapchat Filters

She looks so adorable.

9. While Trying On Clothes

A clean face and a messy bun is usually my attire of choice, although it seems like she may have done her brows here.

10. While Embracing Her Freckles

But seriously, who knew she had so many freckles?! It's nice that she rocks them with or without foundation.

11. In This Mirror Selfie

Her avocado case is almost as amazing as her complexion.

12. Post-Birthday Bedtime

At least she remembered to wash her face after all those birthday festivities.

13. For No-Makeup Thursdays

It's totally a thing.