Kylie Jenner's Fresh-Faced Photo Is Gorgeous

This girl’s had quite the birthday celebration. Not only did she buy herself a car and launch limited edition products to celebrate the big day, but she also took an incredible vacation. Her brief stay has been full of different beauty looks, but this is her best yet. Kylie Jenner posed without makeup while on vacay, and couldn’t look more beautiful.

She’s proving that she’s a fan of giving your skin a break while having some fun in the sun. The minimal makeup look works well for her, but it is quite the departure from her usual super glam look. In a typical Jenner move, she debuted red hair in honor of her birthday. But, she quickly ditched the color to rock her natural hue. And now she’s also gotten rid of the makeup and let her natural features come out to play. Yes, even those cute little freckles.

She posted about not wanting to leave her getaway spot right before going makeup-free on Instagram, and honestly, I can’t blame her for wanting to stay at her seaside location. Clearly, the whole rest and relaxation thing is a good look for her. Take a look at her no makeup look in comparison to her full-glam mode. Then, I think we can all agree — she should take a break from her beauty products more often.

All-natural and absolutely stunning. Her birthday's been filled with different beauty looks.

But the ones where she's going sans product have been the best, if you ask me.

Because everyone deserves a chance to let loose and skip the beauty routine, you know?

She's beautiful with a face full of product.

Especially with a glow that won't quit. But, it's still got to feel good to skip sitting in the beauty chair each and every day.

When you're a Kardashian/Jenner, your glam process is intense.

Whether she's wearing makeup or just creating it, she's a pro.

Even professionals deserve a day off, though. And I'm happy that she finally got hers.

Don't mind me. I'll just be over here planning my makeup-free vacation, too.