Here's Where You Can Grab Too Faced X Kat Von D

This Kat Von D and Too Faced partnership just keeps getting better and better. First, the two makeup brands started hinting at a collab online, then photos of the products slowly started coming out, only increasing the excitement. But now, they’ve released all of the details, so you definitely need to find out where to buy Kat Von D X Too Faced’s Better Together collection.

The two forces dished the details of the range to Allure, and there’s no denying that it’s going to be amazing. You’ll be able to purchase Too Faced and Kat Von D eye shadows (in the cutest heart packaging) as well as buy mini versions of classics from the brands, in all-new colors this time around. They really are proving that they’re better together. Because seriously. Where else could you find this many incredible products, all available in one limited edition collection?

Kat Von D X Too Faced’s Better Together Collection, $65, Sephora

I know you’re probably dying to get your hands on this already, but Too Faced and Kat Von D aren’t going to make it that easy for you. They’re going to make you wait until Dec. 26 to purchase these goodies, and apparently some things are just worth waiting for. According to Kat Von D’s Instagram, these products will be available exclusively at Sephora when they do finally launch. So, when it is time to shop, you know exactly where to go!

Kat Von D X Too Faced’s Better Together Collection, $65, Sephora

You'll want to scoop this up for the packaging alone.

And once you see the "good girl" and "bad girl" vibes coming from these shades, you'll want it even more.

These colors are the best mix of naughty and nice.

The makeup bags that will hold all of your minis are too adorable.

If you didn't believe it before, you certainly will now. These brands are better together.

You better head to Sephora the moment these become available because you're not going to want to miss out on this epic mash-up.

Image: toofaced/Instagram (1)