Kylie Jenner Showed Off Her Freckles On Vacation

When you’ve reached this type of “It” status, birthdays are a big deal. The entire world celebrated this girl’s birthday right along with her by shopping incredible limited edition makeup products, but, unfortunately, we weren't invited on her amazing seaside vacation. Kylie Jenner’s freckles were out to play more than ever before on her birthday vacay, and she couldn’t have looked more beautiful while rocking a fresh face and taking some downtime.

She’s been pretty busy with Kylie Cosmetics and, you know, just being her, so it’s no wonder she took this time to really relax and unwind. Jenner was even way more laid-back with her beauty routine, and I’m sure it was a much needed break for her skin. Staying glam 24/7 isn’t easy, after all.

I’ve been living my life vicariously through all of the vacation photos Jenner’s been posting, and let’s just say she’s got me in the mood to walk around without makeup, too. She’s posed sans products before, but never this frequently. Blame it on the sun or the sea breeze, whatever has her wanting to show off her freckles more is fine by me. This all-natural look really suits her, and I’m enjoying the makeup-free moments before she returns back to her crazy busy everyday life. I’m glad she’s finally getting a break, but if she could go ahead and announce the next Kylie Cosmetics restock, that’d be nice. Just sayin’.

Suns's out, freckles' out.

It's so nice to see her embracing this natural feature.

Because the fresh face thing really works for her.

She's been fully embracing the vacation lifestyle, and I definitely can't blame her for never wanting to leave.

Why would you want to leave all of this? Bathing suits and no makeup. I could get used to that.

Jenner doesn't have to be on an exotic getaway to go without product.

She's beautiful in full glam mode or with a bare face.

But, it's especially nice to see those rarely seen speckles.

Images: kylizzlemynizzl/Snapchat (2)