How These 11 '90s Trends Shaped My Style

The '90s are often named as the Golden Age for millennials—and they've got a good point. '90s kids had the best TV shows, music, and of course, '90s trends when it came to clothes and fashion. So iconic were the trends that now, in 2016, two decades later, all the '90s styles are back and bigger than ever. You can't even open Instagram without seeing a look that's inspired from the best decade ever.

Though we know that fashion is cyclical—the '60s and '70s have also been hitting the style world hard this season—there's nothing quite like the resurgence of '90s style. Whether you were a fan of the platform sandals, headbands, glittery and furry accessories, or were more into the grunge route, throwing on flannels and bleached denim, you'll remember the decade fondly, singing along to your CD of the Spice Girls, TLC, and Nirvana.

As the youngest of five, with three sisters, the '90s were an intense time for inspiration for me. Everything my older siblings did, I followed. I listened to their music, watched Clarissa Explains It All with them, and most importantly, I copied their outfits. I read my sister's magazines, tore out my favorite looks, and kept them all in a box for future looks.

Now, when I look at my own sense of style and outfit selfies that I take, the '90s influences are undeniable, whether it's a beauty or fashion look. While, of course, I've added more modern touches—mostly, minimalist silhouettes and a mostly-neutral color palette—there's no denying I was a '90s kid. And I wear that badge proudly. These are the trends from the past that have shaped me and will continue to shape me.

1. Plaid

This look was iconic, even today. I've even dressed up as Cher for halloween, and still keep a plaid skirt in my closet. When I'm feeling extra bold, I put it on and feel like a '90s princess.

2. Doc Martens And Combat Boots

Doc Martens were everything. You could wear them with skirts, jeans, shorts, and dresses. And now? Still the same. They were the ultimate testiment to the belief that different styles can go together.

3. Slip Dresses And T-Shirts

Julia Delpy was the coolest in this movie, and this tank top/slip dress and t-shirt combination was everything. Now? It's a reminder that layering can be done in any season, with any type of top. Layering my crop tops over my button ups has become a new favorite look of mine.

4. Platform Shoes

Back then, platform shoes were all about the cool colors and wild designs. Today? I'm all for height. Platform shoes were my gateway into high heels, which I'm now very fond of.

5. Floral

The Virgin Suicides was such an iconic film. I'll never forget all the floral they donned. Though floral always seemed too girly and feminine for me, this movie proved that in drop waist silhouettes and dreamy shapes, they could totally work. Now, I'm totally into minimal floral looks.

6. Mom Jeans

I was obsessed with Rachel in the '90s, and I still am. But the mom jean trend back in the day is still my favorite—nothing makes me feel as cute and comfortable than a good pair of mom jeans. They totally go with everything.

7. The Leather Jacket

Drew Barrymore's outfit here is everything. '90s cool girls made the leather jacket an absolute staple, and I can thank them for my moto jacket that's upgraded every single one of my looks today.

8. Flannel

Flannels were all the rage back in the day, and much like Doc Martens did, they taught me you could totally mix grunge with any look and pull it off. On fall days, I love to layer a flannel with a leather jacket for maximum warmth.

9. Bandanas

So much yes to Mary Kate and Ashley's look back in the day. While I'm not exactly wearing a bandana this way anymore, I love to tie one around my neck or arm to add an extra edge to a look.

10. Crop Tops And Bralettes

Aaliyah was the coolest chick in the game, and her crop tops were everything. Apparently, midriff was a must in the '90s, and today, I love to pair them with high waisted skirts, pants, and shorts.

11. Chokers

Hold up—this scene was so, so classic. But so was Tai's choker! Though my chokers these days aren't quite as chunky and clunky, they're definitely here to stay.

The '90s may be long gone, but they'll always be in my heart. There's little carved out holes for Backstreet Boys, Boyz II Men, Mary Kate and Ashley, the cast of Friends, and all the other wonderful things about the decade. And now that the fashion trends have shaped my life, the fashion will stay with me forever.

Images: Columbia Pictures, Castle Rock Entertainment, American Zoetrope, NBC, Nickelodeon, Dualstar