30 Pretty Hair Accessories Under $20

I have my share of bad hair days while I'm traveling. The ever-changing humidity, weather, and location of wherever I am become huge factors for me. So, what do I do? I reach for affordable but super cute hair accessories that mask a bad hair day. It's also really important that I'm not traveling with anything too expensive, so I generally make sure they're hair accessories under $20 (just in case I leave them at the hostel).

Instead of splurging, stock up on hair accessories under $20. I always look for inexpensive hair things before I hit the road, as I've given so many hair things to other girls staying in my hostel dorm room in the past, that. How many times have you found yourself lending a barrette, bobby pin, or hair tie to a friend, so they can fix their hair?

Plus, there are so many pretty, cheap hair accessories to pick from: Headscarves come in handy when you're sweaty and your fly-aways are popping up, while barrettes and decorative hair pins offer a quick touch up (I don't know how many times I've looked in the mirror after a sweaty day of sightseeing and reached into my bag to manage the situation). You can even add some oomph to hair that may be falling flat with a cool hair circa-1980s scrunchie. Even if you aren't suffering from a particularly bad hair day, it's nice to add some flair to an everyday look from time to time. Whatever it is, your options for beautiful accessories that can seriously tame a bad hair day are endless.

1. Pull Hair Away From Your Face With An Infinity Clip

Infinity Barrette by Genuine People , $10 (was $15), Shop Spring

Ever wake up feeling like you just can't deal with your mane? This mixed metal clip in the infinity symbol is perfect for pulling hair back away from your face.

2. Leave The Boring Ponytails At Home

Round Metal Hair Clip by Genuine People, $15 (was $24), Shop Spring

Create a ponytail that's anything but boring with this round metal clip. Your hair will look sleek and stylish.

3. Dress Up Your Messy Bun With A Bold Matte Pin

Modern Metal Bobby Hair Pin by Urban Outfitters, $8, Shop Spring

If you want to pull back your hair into a bun, go for it. Then, add some flair to the otherwise regular old updo with this matte barrette.

4. The '80s Are Back

Ikat Scrunchie by Catrinka, $8, Shop Spring

Throw your hair up into a high pony circa 1980 with a bold scrunchie. It'll create the illusion that your second-day flat hair has some volume, too.

5. Say Goodbye To A Bad Hair Day With A Whimsical Accessory

Unicorn Hair Clip by Urban Outfitters, $12, Shop Spring

Pin your hair back with this playful and delicate hair clip. You'll spend the whole day feeling like you're magical.

6. Hide Dirty Roots With A Head-wrap

Crisscross Bella Head-wrap by Urban Outfitters , $18, Shop Spring

For those days when you didn't wash your hair, a head band might just be the best solution. A stretchy head-wrap style is perfect for a simple but stylish look.

7. Turn A Basic Bun Into A Glamorous Updo

Pearl Bun Pin by Urban Outfitters, $16, Shop Spring

If you are a big believer in the updo, but you want it to look put together and not as if you've just finished at the gym, this pearl pin will add the right amount of glamour to your everyday bun.

8. Create A Polished Updo With A Scrunchie Bow

Scrunchie by Club Monaco, $12, Shop Spring

Want to try a scrunchie, but not so into the '80s look? This sophisticated take on the style features a neutral denim fabric, which will effortlessly dress up any bun or pony with the cute oversized bow.

9. Keep Hair Secure With Jaw Clips

Enamel Jaw Clip Set by Urban Outfitters (2ct), $12, Shop Spring

A basic plastic jaw clip can do wonders for bedhead. Securely hold your hair out of your face, and create a pretty tousled look in the process that people will think you did on purpose.

10. Replace A Boring Old Bobby Pin With The Upgraded Version

Safety Pin Bobby Pin Set by Urban Outfitters (2ct.) , $10, Shop Spring

Add a bit of edge to your look with bobby pins that resemble safety pins. They have a hinge opening and tiny gold teeth, which will keep any fly-aways secured in place.

11. Elevate A Basic Ponytail With A Stylish Hair Tie

Tortoise Hair Tie by Poketo, $14, Shop Spring

The easiest thing to do when your hair just isn't cooperating is to throw it up into a ponytail. Instead of using a basic black hair tie though, try one that elevates your look with a simple yet sleek detail.

12. Dress Up Hair With A Cute Clip

Starlight Hair Clip by Urban Outfitters, $8, Shop Spring

Dress up otherwise-boring hair with a cute statement hair clip. This one is polished metal with a hinged opening, which you can keep just as shiny as your mane with a quick wipe dow whenever it's looking a bit dull.

13. Hide Fly-Aways With A Headband

Valencia Gingham Headband by Club Monaco , $18 (was $40), Shop Spring

The best way to hide stubborn fly-aways? With a retro inspired headband. Instead of having to worry about taming your baby hairs, cover them with a thick gingham headband.

14. Take Your Gym Look To The Streets

Days of The Week Scrunchie Set by Urban Outfitters , $12, Shop Spring

So you've just left the gym, you're hot and sweaty, and you're still rocking that messy bun. When you don't have time to shower, add in a colorful and fun scrunchy to take the look to the streets.

15. Create A Chic Low Ponytail With A Metal Cuff

Round Metal Ponytail Cuff Holder by Genuine People, $14 (was $19), Shop Spring

A hair cuff is like jewelry for your ponytail. So, instead of boring yourself to tears with another streamlined ponytail again this week, dress it up with a metal cuff.

16. Pull Back Second-Day Hair With An Elegant Arc Pin

Minimalist Arc Shape Metal Hair Pin by Genuine People, $14 (was $18), Shop Spring

Second-day hair can sometimes feel dirty, but it's actually the best time to try out a cool updo. Whether you're creating a twist, a braided look, or a chignon, add in a bold and funky hair pin to dress it up.

17. Dress Up Your Everyday Style With Retro Hair Combs

Ornate Foliage Hair Comb Set by Urban Outfitters, $16, Shop Spring

It's crazy what adding an accessory like a hair comb can do to change up your look. They have so many uses, whether its actually pulling hair back from your face or adding a bit of sparkle to a bun.

18. Keep Hair Back And Away From Your Face With Bobby Pin Inspired Clips

Minimal Oval Bobby Hair Pin Set by Urban Outfitters, $6, Shop Spring

Bobby pins are a staple when it comes to quickly styling hair with little to no effort — this set of minimalistic painted pins will keep fly-aways at bay and keep hair out of your face when necessary.

19. Create A Vintage Inspired Half Up Half Down Look

Anya Tortoiseshell Hair Clip by Urban Outfitters , $12, Shop Spring

My go-to hairstyle when I can't get it to cooperate is a half-up, half-down style. It pulls hair out of your face but still gives off the feel that your hair is actually styled. Use a tortoiseshell hair pin to make it look even more put-together — this one has little plastic teeth that will keep stray hairs in place.

20. Channel Your Inner Goddess (And Tame Curls) With A Leaf Clip

Metal Feather Hair Clip in Gold or Silver by Genuine People , $14 (was $20), Shop Spring

If you have curly hair and want to pull it back while adding a little glitz, use an oversized clip to pull back a top layer or decorate your braid or ponytail. This gorgeous gold (or silver) leaf clip can be used in so many ways to style your curls.

21. A Ponytail That's Anything But Blah

LA Hearts Faux Fur Pom-Pom Hair Tie Set, $10, Shop Spring

Pom-poms are everywhere these days. They're all over shoes, bags, clothing, and accessories. And now you can rock them in your ponytail. These faux fur pom-poms are the perfect statement making addition to your everyday look.

22. Hair Stays Put With A Fun, Delicate Pin

Pina Coloda Hair Clip by Urban Outfitters, $12, Shop Spring

Fun, whimsical accessories will keep the best parts of summer alive well into fall and winter. This mixed metal pineapple snap hair clip is the perfect addition to any style — bring it on holiday with you to keep frizz at bay.

23. Add Some Flair To Your Everyday Look

Raw Gem Ponytail Holder Set by Urban Outfitters, $8, Shop Spring

Sometimes throwing your hair up into a ponytail just makes the most sense. But these gem-topped hair ties dress up the whole look — you can wear all four at once or wear them separately for a more subtle sparkle.

24. Sleek, Chic Style With A Geometric Barrette

Triangle Trio Barrette by Urban Outfitters, $12, Shop Spring

This geometric triangle barrette is a great solution when you're looking for something a bit special to add to a style. Its matte gold metal finish is gorgeous against any hair color.

25. Get Effortless Glamour By Rocking A Barrette

Carolina Brushed Metal Barrette by Urban Outfitters, $12, Shop Spring

You can achieve an effortless, eye-catching edge by adding a simple barrette to your style. This one's brushed metal adds a glimmer of shine and chicness to an easy look.

26. Bring Out Your Boho Side With An Antique Inspired Hair Pin

Large Leaf Hair Pin by Urban Outfitters , $10 (was $14), Shop Spring

Antique inspired hair accessories are a really good way to dress up your style and bring out your boho side. This slip-free clip keeps your hair where you want it all day long.

27. Stand Out With A Crazy And Cute Scrunchie

LA Hearts Faux Fur Pom-Pom Hair Tie, $7, Shop Spring

You were born to stand out, so don't let a bad hair day stop you from doing so. Throw your hair up in a crazy fun scrunchie and show the world how confident you are, even when you may not be feeling your best.

28. Tortoiseshell Bobby Pins For A Sophisticated Look

Edie Bobby Pin by Urban Outfitters, $8, Shop Spring

You can add bobby pins to just about any style you can imagine. They add some more texture and can be a pretty accessory that elevates your whole look. Try sticking them into a ponytail or braid for a cool and trendy look.

29. Add A Fun Barrette To A Half-Up Style

Moon Barrette by Genuine People , $13 (was $24), Shop Spring

A barrette can make a half-up hairstyle look more put together. This one is shaped like a moon, so it's sure to add a cosmic cool edge to your hair.

30. Go Bold With An Eclectic Hair Clip

Gold or Silver Large Metal Bar Hair Clip by Genuine People, $15 (was $24), Shop Spring

If you're just not sure what to do with your hair anymore, grab a bold and eclectic hair accessory. It's the easiest way to experiment with a new look without doing anything permanent. This metal bar clip is essentially an oversized barrette — wear it with a half-up look as you normally would, or create an entirely new, futuristic look.

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