10 Best Bras & Accessories To Prevent Side Boob Spillage

When it comes to your side-boob spilling out of your favorite bra, there’s good news and bad news. I’ll give you the bad news first: like any other bra malfunction, it’s a pretty good indication that your bra doesn’t fit right. Now here’s the good news: when your breasts are bubbling out of your bras, especially under your arms, you can fix it with a combination of things, including fuller coverage bra fits that offer you better support.

Your starting point should probably be your cup size, if you're experiencing spillage on the sides. As CEO of online bra boutique True & Co. Michelle Lam told Cosmopolitan , "...if it really bothers you, try switching to a triangle bra to cover the area." That means it could be time for you to consider a bra with a wider band and a high-cut side, so you can push your breasts together and inward instead of apart and outward. Some boobs naturally pull towards the sides, and that’s totally fine — you might just want something with a little extra support. Check out these awesome bras and bra accessories to combat that tricky side spot where your boobs overflow, so you can take back your cleavage once and for all.

1. Opt For A Bra With Lots Of Side Support

Wire-Free Cups With Comfy Mesh Lining

Intimate Portal Smoothing Full Coverage Bra (32B-38C) , $17-$20, Amazon

A bra with loads of support on the sides will help push your breasts toward the center of your chest, where you'll feel more secure. This smoothing full coverage bra does just that because it’s got an extra-wide band and mesh inside the cups that keeps your boobs lifted and centered.

A Bra That Pushes The Breasts Inward And Together

FallSweet Add Two Cups Bra (32A-38C), $17, Amazon

Available in nine colors and prints, the FallSweet bra was originally designed to add two cup sizes — but it's also a great option for those looking to avoid side spillage. Everything about this bra (including its long-line band, high side cups, and special padded interior) is designed to pull the breasts in and together. The center tie means you can customize your amount of cleavage, and the low center plunge means it works with most necklines.

Thick Straps With Supportive Side Fit

Etosell Push-Up Embroidery Lace Brassiere (32A-38C), $8-$12, Amazon

For women with a bigger bust who want more lift, there’s this extreme support push-up bra. Not only does it have beautiful lace detailing, but it’s got a wide band, thick straps, and loads of side support that push the breasts together instead of out towards the sides. Because of the thick padding, it’s great go-to bra for women who are looking to get the cleavage bulge instead of the underarm one.

2. Try A Fuller Coverage Cup

Wire-Free Cups That Stay Comfy ALL DAY

Glamorise MagicLift Minimizer Bra (36C-48H), $36, Amazon

A full-coverage bra is way more likely to give you support and keep things looking smooth underneath your clothing, and that’s why this Glamorise MagicLift minimizer bra is a really good option. The inner-bust band, wide straps, and wireless seams are all thick and cushioned to give you lift along with comfort, and because it's got a crisscross cinch design, it pulls things together instead of apart. Plus, it comes in seven practical and pretty colors.

Full Coverage Triangular Cups (And Front Adjustable Straps!)

Warner's This is Not a Bra Full-Coverage Bra (34B-40D), $25-$30, Amazon

Triangular-shaped cups will push the breasts to the middle rather than outward, and this full-coverage bra gives you a satin comfort wire system that’s surrounded with padding. It’s also got some pretty cool conveniences, like front-adjustable straps and a ridiculously smooth material that won't look bumpy under clothes.

3. Aim For Stretchy Materials

Hanes Comfort Evolution Bra (S-3X Plus) , $8-$43, Amazon

Many bras are made from a stubborn foam that pushes the breast tissue out in all different directions, but a stretchy bra like this one gives you comfort, support, and a full-coverage fit that stretches along with your body. It’s made from lightweight polyester and spandex, but skips the wire, so uncomfortable spillage is no longer an issue.

Front Closure Wire-Free Bra In Stretchy Spandex & Nylon

Just My Size Pure Comfort Front Close Wirefree Bra (1X-6X) , $10-$30, Amazon

This plus size front closing wire-free bra is another great (and stretchy) option for getting rid of side boob spills. It’s got thick straps and a wide underwire-free band that provides adequate support, and it’s got a front-hook closure to make sure your breasts are pushed upwards and towards the middle throughout the day.

4. Use A Front-Close Bra For Less Time Adjusting

Bali Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra (34B-44DD) , $16-$94, Amazon

Sometimes when I hook my bra in the back, I find my breasts can be pressed outwards and to the sides, unless I take time to adjust them. Eliminate the extra step with a front-close bra, like this one from Bali, which uses its high sided band to support your breasts and prevent them from moving toward the arm area.

5. Adjust Your Bra Accordingly

Bra Extenders Offer More Room For Tight Bands

Maidenform Two-Hook Bra Extenders , $6, Amazon

If your bra is too tight around your chest, it'll push your breasts in, and they'll spill out where they can. While choosing the right size to begin with is always your best option, these Maidenform two-hook bra extenders can make the bras you already have a little more comfortable. They come in a pack of three different colors that fit any 3/4th inch band, and they can help reduce the dreaded side boob by giving your chest a little extra room to breathe.

Lingerie Tape Can Provide A Little More Security

Super Strong Double Sided Lingerie Tape , $6, Amazon

Sometimes it’s just a matter of making sure that your clothing is resting across your breasts correctly, and this super strong double sided lingerie tape makes it a little easier for those bra-specific outfits that call for strapless or backless. It’s hypoallergenic, gentle on skin, and won’t leave a residue on your fabrics, but it keeps your clothes and your chest where they should be all night.

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