11 Of Carrie Bradshaw's Most Memorable Hairstyles

She may have been the self-proclaimed queen of shoes, but Carrie Bradshaw's hairstyles were also pretty killer and matched her four-inch stilettos to a T. Considering the woman made more Manolo Blahnik payments than rent ones, many of us have probably spent more time staring at her feet — green-eyed with jealousy — than paying attention to her curly blonde crop. But trust me: The sex columnist rocked a whole host of hairstyles across the six seasons (and two films) for us to not only acknowledge, but admire.

Many of us likely get in a rut when it comes to our own hair from time to time. In times of crisis, we may look to others for inspiration. While Bradshaw herself must have been blessed due to the fact that she never had a hair-related meltdown during the show's run, her many transformations can still be helpful to us when we're looking to switch things up.

From styles I would never necessarily dream of sporting — like bandanas or bad highlights — to the thick crop of curls I only wish would pop up on my own head, and her ability to pull off a beret with effortless ease, here are 11 of the iconic character’s best hair moments that are still totally wearable across different aesthetics today.

1. The Iconic Frizzy Curls

Bradshaw had a huge hand in making frizzy hair a trendy look — and thank goodness she did. We have her to thank for making all of those rushed-out-of-the-house, no-time-to-properly-style, or just-got-rained-on hair days a little more bearable.

2. The Messy Top Knot

Before hair doughnuts and buns half the size of our heads were a quick, gorgeous fix for a bad hair day, Bradshaw was paving the way for us all.

3. The Beret

Berets have always been the epitome of cool when it comes to headwear. But teamed with a McDonald's takeout bag and matching red dress, this is the stuff outfit dreams are made of.

4. The Loose Pigtails

For many among us, too-cute pigtails may be more reminiscent of childhood than sophisticated, working, single New York woman. But Bradshaw pulled the look off with complete grace.

5. The Random Crimped Strands

Is there are a hairstyle that defined the '90s any more than crimped hair? I'm not sure why Carrie didn't go the full hog with her crimping iron on this occasion — but I can't say I fully blame her.

6. Poker Straight

As every gal with curly hair will likely know, it's fun to play things straight for a while. And although curls — in their many guises — may have been Bradshaw's signature style, it's nice to change things up every once in a blue moon, too.

7. The Red Bob

This red bob wasn't a recurring look for Bradshaw, and in fact only turned up during the very first pilot episode of the series. While her future haircuts implied that she really did believe blondes have more fun, this strawberry crop reflected a more serious side of her character.

8. The Bandana

While the beret may epitomize cool, bandana headscarves epitomize the early '00s.

9. The Low Ponytail

Is there anything more chicly athleisure than this?

10. The Eye Mask

As a fellow freelancer who spends more of her time writing from the comfort of her apartment than in an office, I can relate to Bradshaw's workwear wardrobe (or lack thereof).

11. The Peroxide Perm

Usually seen sporting blonde to brown highlights, Bradshaw's peroxide perm, scarlet pout, and black bodycon dress saw her channel Anna Nicole Smith-style glamour perfectly.

So for the woman known for her extensive shoe collection and commitment to fashion, Bradshaw's many mane transformations are not to be dismissed. Long gone may be the days of taking a picture of her locks to the hairdresser when due for an update, but I'll certainly be pulling some inspo from Carrie when considering how to mix things up on the top of my head.

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