Twitter Reacts To Urban Decay's NAKED Ultimate

Urban Decay made their fans excessively happy on Monday when they announced their latest addition to the NAKED family. This one's a doozy, everyone. Urban Decay's NAKED Ultimate Basics is the all matte NAKED palette we've been waiting for. Naturally, Twitter exploded with reactions, proving the brand's fans are crazy loyal and more than ready to get their hands on that palette — myself included.

Many fans of Urban Decay woke up this morning with emails in their inboxes announcing the latest NAKED palette. What's in this unicorn of a palette? It's essentially all the best elements of both NAKED Basics palettes beautifully combined into an all matte, neutral slice of cosmetics heaven. You may be thinking that you already own the Basics palettes, but the NAKED Ultimate Basics isn't just the two existing palettes put together, it's 12 matte shades are all new and all gorgeous.

The fact that there are now 12 new Urban Decay eyeshadows out there is probably why the Twitter reactions to the NAKED Ultimate Basics palette are so lit. From those lamenting what's about to go down with their wallets to those who can only communicate in emoji (yes, it's that exciting), fans of Urban Decay are turning up on Twitter.

So what do Urban Decay's fans have to say online? A lot, apparently.

1. The Emotionally Attached

Can you blame her? It's perfection.

2. The Treat Yo' Self Moment

Best birthday present, ever?

3. The Fist Bump They Deserve

Yes, Urban Decay. So solid. So perfect. Fist bumps for you.

4. The Devastation To Your Bank Account


5. The Faithful Follower

It's true. Urban Decay is always perfect.

6. The Shadow Skeptic

When Urban Decay calls, you answer.

7. The Emoji Lover

It truly is so overwhelming that only emojis will do.

If the Twitter reactions to Urban Decay's Naked Ultimate Basics Palette is any indication, the mega-successful brand has yet again created a cult product. Move over, Perversion mascara, this palette is coming for you.