PUMA Fierce Bright Pack Is Coming Soon

PUMA has yet again launched a sneaker that everyone is going to love. While technically the PUMA Fierce sneaker has been around for a bit now, the PUMA Fierce Bright Pack is a new addition. So, when will the PUMA Fierce Bright Pack be on sale? These colorful kicks can be in your closet and added to your collection incredibly soon. Go ahead and mark your calendars sneaker fans because the Bright Pack is coming your way.

The PUMA Fierce Bright Pack has already been making its rounds on the internet thanks to PUMA spokesperson Kylie Jenner. The reality television and social media superstar hosted a PUMA Fierce Brights giveaway on her app in July and gave the world one of the first looks at the collection, and they were gorgeous. If you weren't one of the lucky five who snagged them from Jenner, though, you'll be happy to learn that the PUMA Fierce Bright Pack will be on sale August 18.

In two days the gorgeous, highlighter hued sneakers can be well on their way to being yours. After all, who doesn't want to be one of the first to snag what's sure to be PUMA's next huge success. At this point, they're practically destined to be as successful as the brand's other launches from this year.

The PUMA Fierce Brights isn't the first shoe to make headlines from the brand. Thanks to an insanely popular collaboration with Rihanna, the brand has become practically known for their shoes. From Rihanna's furry slides to her PUMA creepers, shoes have kind of turned into PUMA's jam.

When the PUMA Fierce sneakers first debuted in a more muted colorway, they were just as popular as I think they're going to be this go around. Thanks to their lace-less design and notable appearance on a star like Kylie Jenner, the sneaker was practically destined for greatest. Now, it's probably even more true thanks to this vibrant colorway.

So if you were hoping to be one of the first to get your hands on the PUMA Fierce Bright Pack, the latest sneakers from the brand launch on August 18. Get your credit cards ready and mark your calendars because they're coming soon.

Images: Courtesy of PUMA