7 Easy Ways To Get Curls With No Styling Skills

I’m thrilled that curly hair is back in style, because frankly, ensuring that my hair had absolutely no wave or volume in the early 2000s was a full-time job — and a damaging one, at that. Now, there are ways to get beautiful curls even if you have no hair skills. But when we first came out of the pin-straight this-crease-will-ruin-my-day era, I didn’t have the internet, nor did I have a very impressive allowance. My close friend instead taught me how to curl my hair with a straightener by clamping and flipping and pulling through, and the whole process took me four hours to learn and several years to perfect.

This time around, I decided to get in touch with Marissa Martoni, Hair Stylist and Extensions Specialist at Marie Robinson Salon in New York City. If anyone knows how to get quick, easy, and effortless curls, it’s someone who does it multiple times a day, and Martoni was more than willing to share her easy curly-hair insights with me. Whether you’re looking for curly hair for lazy curls, or you need great hair curling tools that require no skill, check out stylist Marissa Martoni’s top picks, recommendations, and tips.

Prep With A Mousse To Hold Curls In All Day

Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Holding Foam, $50, Amazon

“With most women I like to put a mousse or some kind of thickening, volume spray, or a curl cream to give it some texture,” Martoni says. “If the hair is too soft before curling, it won't hold the curl long enough.” She normally uses Bumble and Bumble's 'Curl Conscious' foam with her clients for a much easier curling experience. Whether air drying, diffusing, or curling, it gives you tons of hold that lasts all day, and your hair remains silky smooth and defined instead of crunchy or greasy.

Diffusers Are One Of The Easiest Ways To Get Curls

Xtava Collapsible Silicone Hair Diffuser, $13, Amazon

When I asked Martoni about the easiest way to get curls, she said, “Use a curl mousse and grab a diffuser.” This Xtava collapsible silicone hair diffuser is extra easy to use, as it attaches to most blow dryers and collapses when you’re done. Simply position it under the hair and scrunch upwards while drying to reduce frizz, get natural definition, and make curls tighter and more volumized.

When In Doubt, Go For A Messy Beach Look

State Of Mane Beach Waves Sea Salt Spray, $30, Amazon

“If you aren't sure which way or how the curl should look, that's okay,” Martoni says. “A beachy, undone look can be one of the best looks.” State Of Mane's sea salt spray has really high reviews because it gives you loads of volume and shine that won’t clump up. Simply spray, scrunch, and enjoy effortless beachy waves that make even the thinnest, straightest hair look more volumized.

Straight Hair? Get A Small, Clipless Iron

Hey Beauty Curling Iron, $30, Amazon

“A smaller iron works better for women with straighter hair and will make the curl last longer if done a little tighter at first,” Martoni says. She also recommends a clipless iron, like this Hey Beauty Curling Iron, because clips, textures, and bristles just complicate things. All you have to do is wrap your hair around this barrel and wait for it to curl, and since it comes with a heat-resistant glove and is made with professional ceramic tourmaline that reduces frizz, this one’s a no brainer.

Find A Tool That Does All The Work For You

Miraqueen Curling Wand, $25, Amazon

The Miraqueen curling wand is another awesome option for girls who don’t quite know how to go about styling curls. Simply clamp it around a small piece of hair; it’ll suck your hair inward and beep when it’s done. When you release, you’ve got a beautiful, effortless ringlet. Reviewers are totally flipping over how easy it is, and that’s why it’s a number one new release.

Use This Spray As A Base For Air Drying, Scrunching, Or Diffusing

Sachajuan Ocean Mist Beach Spray, $16, Amazon

Martoni also uses “Sachajuan Ocean Mist Beach Spray, for a more air-dried look.” When you get out of the shower, spray this texturizing mist onto wet hair, and scrunch or diffuse for loose curls. It uses algae-based extracts and sea salt to build strength and volume, and one reviewer calls this an “Amazing hair product,” because it “gives you amazing waves and loose curls without even doing anything to your hair.”

Define Natural Curls With Moroccan Argan Oil

Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream, $38, Amazon

Another direct recommendation from our stylist is Moroccanoil's curl defining crea, because it holds curls in all day without any hassle. It’s color safe, free of sulfates and parabens, and uses all-natural argan oil to coat your curls in healthy, defining control. Girls love it to emphasize the curls they already have or use it alongside a diffuser, and it smells incredible, too.

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