11 Wide Fit Shoe Brands For Fatshionable Feet

There is an inherited trait in the women my family that I'm pretty glad I didn't inherit: big feet. Not because I have anything against big feet, of course. I just didn't realize, until recently, how difficult it is to find wide fit shoe brands, let alone wide fit shoe brands that stock bigger sizes as well. For too many years, I have heard my mom, my aunties, and even my grandma lament about the lack of options for them in the foot-wear department — particularly in wide fit shoes that they'd actually want to wear. But it seems things are slowly improving.

I don't blame them their frustrations, though. I have been shopping with my mom in many a plus size store throughout my life, finding all of the shoe options, to put it nicely, quite boring. Because of these struggles, I always garner great joy in linking my big-footed relatives to shoe options that will fit their feet — practically and sartorially.

As my knowledge of which stores offer wide fit shoes has increased over the years, I find it only fair to share the wealth of knowledge. I hope that if you have ever struggled with or found shame in your wide and/or big feet, the following brands will make you feel comfortable and catered to once and for all.

1. Avenue

Celeste Faux Croc Loafer, $48, Avenue

Avenue has a pretty solid range of sturdy but trendy shoes that are undeniably worth the investment.

2. Dorothy Perkins

Wide Fit Court Shoes, $57, Dorothy Perkins

British brand Dorothy Perkins doesn't just offer wide fit shoes, but bang on-trend wide fit shoes. Which means your feet don't ever have to stop you from being stylish.

3. Amazon

Wide Donnie Sneaker, $35, Amazon

I often forget about Amazon's fashion department, let alone remember to look at its shoe collection. Although its wide fit shoes may be deemed simple by some, comfort is seemingly the main goal and the range definitely achieves that.

4. Julipa

Wide Fit Clarks, $109, Julipa

Not only does Julipa offer wide fit shoes, but it also offers boots in four different calf widths. This company know the market it's in and it's catering to it: Catering to it well.

5. Zappos

Walking Cradles Buckley, $120, Zappos

Another store for sensible wide fit shoes, Zappos sells footwear in a huge variety of widths, which should definitely help anyone who has specific width needs.

6. Ashley Stewart

Denim Thigh High Boot, $52, Ashley Stewart

Honestly, Ashley Stewart's wide fit shoe collection is to die for. Get some Yeezy vibes in these thigh-high denim boots.

7. Long Tall Sally

Wide Strap Sandal, $99, Long Tall Sally

Don't worry: You don't have to be long, tall, or called Sally to fit into the super cute wide fit shoes that this store has to offer.

8. Evans

Black Peep Toe Block Heel, $70, Evans USA

Another British store to make the list, Evans has upped its shoe game as of late. Just look at my proof above.

9. Ted And Muffy

Starr Loafer, $171, Ted and Muffy

This beautiful blue sequin loafer is just one example of the stunning shoes that Ted And Muffy offers in three different shoe widths.

10. ASOS

ASOS Harbour Wide Fit Platform Sandals, $73, ASOS

Because ASOS does everything, doesn't it?

11. Yours Clothing

White Cleated Platforms, $15, Yours Clothing

These sandals are so cute and so inexpensive. Why not invest in a pair? If you like these, Yours Clothing has loads of amazingly-priced wide fit shoes for you to peruse at your leisure.

These products are just my personal favorites from each brand, so be sure to check out the companies individually. There's sure to be a shoe out there that'll make you feel like Cinderella.

Images: Courtesy Brands