Use This Brush To Apply ColourPop's Highlighter

ColourPop is quickly becoming a highlighting giant. With their affordable prices, killer products, and perfect collaborations, the brand has been slaying the cosmetics scene lately, and it's not stopping soon considering they're releasing new highlighters. What brush should you use to apply ColourPop's highlighter? The brand took to their crazy useful Snapchat to show off swatches of their four new highlighter shades, and in doing so, they gave fans a few tips on how to apply the gorgeous shimmers including what brush is best.

On Monday, Colourpop again harnessed the power of Snapchat to announce and debut four new highlighting shades. Flexitarian, Might Be, Candy Man, and Do Not Disturb were swatched and shown off, and fans wanted it as soon as possible. Thankfully, the highlighters are set to debut Thursday which means you'll definitely need to how what to use to apply the ColourPop highlighters before then, right?

On the brand's Snapchat, employees applied the new colors to both themselves and their co-workers. In doing so, they revealed that the Morphe M427 is the brush of choice for highlight application. Plus, if you already know who Morphe is, you also know that the brand is insanely affordable. So like the new ColourPop highlighters, the brush to apply these beauties is affordable, too.

In the video, one employee can be seen lightly tapping and swirling the brush into the highlight before dusting it along her coworker's cheekbone and temple. The result is a gorgeous line of shimmer.

Morphe M427, $8, Morphe Brushes

So if you're planning on snatching up the new highlight shades on Thursday, Colourpop has now shown you what brush you should use to apply their new colors. The ultra affordable brush and crazy inexpensive highlight are a match made in financial heaven.

Images: Colourpop/Instagram; Colourpop/Snapchat; Courtesy of brand