Matte Lovers Need ABH's Foundation Stick

When it comes to makeup, we've got a lot of choices: colors, shapes, sizes, and even finishes. Matte has essentially replaced any shine or gloss. Case in point: the Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation Stick, which does in fact have a matte finish, making it the next product on my beauty must-have list. I mean, even my nail polishes now come with a matte top coat. Seriously, goodbye, gloss.

These beauties came out on Thursday after much anticipation. According to Anastasia Beverly Hills, the sticks are "a highly-pigmented, buildable cream stick foundation with a natural matte finish. Ideal for combination to oily skin to skin types." Essentially, they're super easy to use, and you can layer them with all the other makeup you desire. Super versatile and chic in packaging, these babies pretty much sell themselves.

And, at only $25 a pop, it's pretty doable to get a few different shades for all of your needs. There are 26 shades in total, ranging from warm to olive tones, from fair to deep hues. Basically, you've met your new favorite product for the fall season. Foundations have long been a trend in the beauty world, but recently, we've gotten some pretty crazy iterations, like fluid foundations.

These sticks are a pretty revolutionary, though, since they're a cream stick rather than a liquid kept in a bottle with a pump. So, application has pretty much become way easier and way less messy. As a perpetually clumsy person, this is great news.

Love the packaging, too.

So simple, yet so good. The rose gold is amazing.

I use "yas" sparingly, but in this occasion...Yas! There are 23 other shades on their website that you can check out.

Brb, I'm dying over this picture! This is a beauty lover's dream right here. There are 19 skin tone shades and four highlight and contour shades, giving us so many options to play with these. If you do one thing this weekend: It's picking up one (or two, or three, or four...) of these super cool foundation sticks.