Here's Kourt Wearing Kylie Cosmetics Products

The Kardashians and Jenners — KarJenners or Kardashianners? — are super supportive of one another's personal and professional endeavors. They usually express their backing and their love rather publicly in social media posts. Kourtney Kardashian showed her support of Kylie Jenner in a sweet way — by wearing Kylie Cosmetics products on her face in a Snapchat pic, which was then shared on the brand's Instagram. Because of course it was! No, Kardashian didn't wear the deep purple, gothy x vampy Kourt K Lip Kit, which was named after her. Instead, she rocked two items from the sold-out, limited edition Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection.

Te Kourt x Kylie, or "Kourtlie," dynamic is always interesting, since they are the Kris Jenner bookends. That is, they are her eldest and youngest daughters. They are from totally different generations, but are so complimentary and connected.

Karadashian wearing Kylie Cosmetics products is a big deal for one important reason, though. Kardashian proved that beauties of any age and aesthetic can wear the Kylie Cosmetics products. Kylie's biggest sis wore the metallic creme shadow in Copper on her lids and the Lord Metal Matte on her lips. The pic is evidence that the products are not solely for teens or millennials.

Kylie Cosmetics offerings are not simply trendy. They are transcendent.

The mom-of-three opted for some serious metallic gleam, with additional Snapchat filter fun. With her bronzy, sun-kissed skin and her mega lashes, which seriously open up her eyes, Kardashian was a gleaming, shimmering, summery vision while rocking her youngest sister's products.

Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods showed off the Poppin Kylie Gloss on her lips. That gloss was also part of the Birthday Edition range. While these products are gone for good, the images of Kourt and Jordyn wearing them provide inspo if you are still waiting for your purchased products to arrive or if you've already received them and want ideas for fresh ways to wear 'em.

Woods also rocked Kyshadows from the Bronze Kyshadow Palette, one of the creme shadows, and the not-yet-released black Kyliner. She is a lucky gal, since she gets unlimited access to Kylie Cosmetics products, including brand new ones that have yet to go on sale.

Jenner also named her Kristen Lip Kit after her mom, Kris Jenner. It goes to show you that Jenner's fam supports her and she shows her love by gifting them with products and/or naming items after 'em. Kris rocking Kristen is another example of the fact that Kylie Cosmetics products are not beholden to one generation.

So where are the Kim and Kendall Lip Kits? Perhaps the three new Kylie Lip Kit shades set to arrive before the end of the month will be christened as such?

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (4)