Ariana Grande’s Making Visors Cool Again

Baseball caps have been so on-trend lately, but when you’ve got a signature ponytail that you just have to wear, it makes the whole hat-wearing thing a little difficult. Although, this gal did find a way to make it work for her, and you’re going to want to find out where to buy Ariana Grande’s visor so you can be just as cool as she is.

Forget a confining cap. Why where one of those when you could let your hair fly freely and still have plenty of shade, you know? Grande’s proving that when it comes to headwear she does no wrong. Because she even found a way to wear a baseball hat and still keep her ‘do in tact, but it involved cutting a hole in the top of the hat. So, honestly, the visor thing just makes way more sense.

There’s something about visors that make them a little hard to pull off, though. Maybe it’s just the fact that only part of your head is exposed that I can’t get over. But, after seeing Grande rocking her visor, she’s got me willing to give this type of headwear a try. Seems like it could be the perfect way to end the summer, honestly.

She’s proving that a visor and ponytail make a killer combo (whether you actually play golf or no!).

Although, it was still pretty awesome of her to make room for her high pony in a baseball hat, too.

If you're not willing to give your fav hat the snip or you just would like to try owning the visor look, here are some similar options that'll give you all of the Grande hat-wearing feels.

1. Beach-Ready Visor

New Look Visor, $10, ASOS

This is the visor version of a straw hat, you know what I'm saying? It's perfect for those final beach days of the season!

2. Big Bill Visor

Nike 2.0 Big Bill Visor, $20, Amazon

You'll be oh-so shady with this big brim. Just what you were going for, right?

3. Golf Visor

Adidas Golf Performance Front-Hit Visor, $13, Amazon

Your look will be on par in this number.

4. Visor Sunglasses

Visor Party Sunglasses, $5, Urban Outfitters

Don't want to wear a hat but still want to stay shaded? These visor sunnies are the perfect compromise.

5. Labor Day Visor

Merica Wide Brim Visor, $15, Forever 21

What better way to celebrate America's work force on your day off?

6. Graphic Visor

LIFA Pineapple Sun Hat, $10, Amazon

Fun graphics (like this super cute pineapple) are going to look great on your head, don't you think?

Now, go on and get out there, but don't forget to put your visor on!

Images: Courtesy Brands (6)