ColourPop's New Highlighters Are Stand-Outs

When it comes to creating incredible products, this brand is running the game. They just released four new highlight shades, and while the swatches surely convinced you to purchase them already, you may be interested to find out a little more about them. What makes ColourPop’s new highlighter shades different? I’m certainly glad you asked.

Not only are these white gold to bronze shades different in terms of color, they’ve also got a more pearlized finish (so that means even more sparkle!) and are more intense than ever before, according to the brand’s Twitter. If you’re looking for the most glow power possible, and you know you are, then these are the products for you.

These babies can be applied with a brush or with your fingertips, it all depends on how much of an impact you’re wanting to make with your shine. No matter how you choose to slather them on your face, these shimmering stunners won’t let you down. And while ColourPop’s admitting these are more rich and pearly than ever before, that’s not to say there’s anything wrong with any of their other Super Shock Cheek options. They’ve currently got 15 glow-givers in stock on their website, so delay no longer! It’s time to put your money to good use. There’s no better way to spend that cash than on a ColourPop highlight!

Pearlized shimmer and intense color payoff for only $8? Sounds like a deal!

It's all about the sparkle, baby!

Just look at how they glisten in the sunlight. I need that kind of blinding brightness in my life.

The range offers white gold, rose gold, gold and bronze options. The bronze seems like the darkest shade they've offered yet and works well for a variety of skin tones, so you need to get your hands on it!

As you can see here, some of their other shades will give you a more subtle glow. Honestly, I'm thinking a new and old version could be great when layered together!

When you've got shades that are this good, you may as well buy more than one at a time, you know?

Head on over to the ColourPop website and let the shopping spree begin!

Image: ColourPopCo/Snapchat (1)