Where To Buy Team USA's Closing Ceremony Shoes

The Olympics might be just about over, but that doesn't mean the fashionable moments have stopped. The Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony was athleisure style inspiration on another level. The outfits were the perfect mixture of patriotic and polished, but it was the shoes that really stole the show. If you're wondering where you can shop Team USA's Closing Ceremony shoes, you'll be happy to know that they're available online right now.

If they gave out gold medals for style in the Olympics, Team USA would have it in the bag. From gorgeous gymnastics leotards to the classically cool red, white, and blue apparel, there was enough fashion to keep fans busy until the next summer Olympics. Team USA had some standout style moments during the event. They started off with a bang in their matching Polo Ralph Lauren designed blazers and now they're ending it on an equally as trendy note in looks by the same designer.

While their outfits were on-point, their shoes really completed the looks in All-American style. While they could have just slipped on some all white tennis shoes, they went above and beyond with some unforgettable red, white, and blue boat shoes. The best part is that you can cop their stylish look. You can buy the exact same design on the Ralph Lauren site right now for $350.

Just check out at how great they look on the Final Five! Here's how to cop their look

Team USA Ceremony Women's Shoe, $350,

If you want the real thing, this is the shoe for you.

Images: Ralph Lauren (1)