Sigma Beauty's New Lip Collection Is Insane

When you hear the brand name Sigma Beauty, you likely don't think of makeup. What you do probably think of though, is their renowned makeup brushes. But that's about to change, because Sigma Beauty's lip collection for fall is insane. While it shouldn't outshine their incredible Kabuki or contouring brushes, their new lip creations will have you forgetting about them for a second. Trust me.

Sigma Beauty launched an Instagram campaign called #LipTakeover recently to introduce their insanely colorful and robust collection of 53 lip products. While not all of them are new, many people were not aware that the brush brand created gorgeous lipsticks and glosses, let alone makeup products at all.

Sigma Beauty doesn't just have any 'ol lipstick either — they have seven kinds of lip products, ranging in pigmentation, texture, and formulation. It's a makeup lover's dream, and frankly, it makes other lip kits out there (that shall remain unnamed) look less impressive. Not only are the variety of lip products to die for, Sigma Beauty's lip collection's hues are so pretty, it hurts. There's definitely a shade for every occasion or outfit, from deep berry hues to soft, creamy nudes.

Whether you're a lip gloss or a lip crayon kind of gal or guy, I guarantee you'll find a new favorite in Sigma Beauty's new lip offerings.

1. Lip Base

Lip Base, $8.40,

If you're team matte, Sigma's lip base might become your new everyday.

2. Lip Eclipse

Lip Eclipse Pigmented Lip Gloss, $17,

This is more than just a lipgloss — it's a highly-pigmented, opaque liquid lipstick.

3. Power Crayon

Power Crayon, $15,

Sigma's Power Crayon is great to slip on after lunch before a meeting or on your way to brunch. It's easy to use and is also super hydrating.

4. Power Stick

Power Stick, $25,

This is as good as lipsticks get. Smooth, full coverage, and a sleek container.

5. Power Liner

Use this pigmented lipliner to create a matte look or to line your lips before you use your lipstick. It also comes with a built-in sharpener — need I say more?

6. Lip Vex

Lip Vex, $7,

This is like a traditional lip gloss, but delivers color and will last you all day.

7. Lip Concealer

Lip Concealer, $15,

Use this product to cover any natural lip pigmentation so that whatever color you put on top truly shines.

To shop the entire collection, head over to Sigma Beauty's website here.

Images: Sigma Beauty