Fans Are Finally Getting Their Kyshadows

Fridays should no longer be known as Fridays — they should be renamed Kylie Cosmetics restock days. If you pay attention to the teenage beauty tycoon, then you know she loves bringing sold-out product back to the masses on the last day of the workweek. Aug. 19 was no different, except maybe for one thing. Twitter's reactions to Kyshadow's latest restock showed that this time, her fans were finally able to get their hands on the highly sought-after eyeshadow palette.

Typically, you'd see a slew of unhappy customers taking to Twitter to vent about how quickly the palette sold out or how they weren't able to purchase it successfully. On Friday, Aug. 19, however, Twitter is tweeting a different tune. Kylie Cosmetics fans were able to get their hands on the bronze eyeshadows that Jenner has been wearing all summer long. While this might be a tad bit surprising, it proves that Kylie Jenner is keeping a promise she made back in February.

In February, Jenner took to Instagram to tell her customers that she would try her darnedest to stock the website regularly so that things didn't sell out so quickly, and that everyone would be able to obtain the product of their choice.

"I feel confident saying for now we will try our hardest to get more kits to you guys every week if not every other week," Jenner wrote. Although her Birthday collection sold out in record time, it was limited-edition — the rest of her collection has been restocked very regularly, and it seems like people are able to buy them without too much hardship.

Here are the Twitter reactions to people who are excited about their Kyshadow palettes:

Jenner is extremely hands on when it comes to her makeup company, tracking the sales and promoting her products. She reads what fans have to say on social media and answers their questions about her latest launches. Jenner even addresses site crashes and suggests little hacks to ensure customers are able to get onto the site (pro tip I learned from Kylie: If the website crashes while you're trying to get on, retype the URL.) Haters may continue to hate, but Jenner knows how to run a successful company and keep her fans happy.

Cheers to more restocks!