The Second Kyshadow Palette Is Coming Soon

When it comes to her cosmetics company, Kylie Jenner takes everything super seriously. She’s picky about which shades she’ll create and will discard products that don’t meet her standards. So, the fact that she’s finally perfected the next eyeshadow palette is amazing news. When is the second Kyshadow Palette coming out? Hopefully, the world won’t have to wait much longer.

Jenner posted on Snapchat that the palette would be “coming soon” with a bunch of “o”s in soon. So, I’m thinking that’s a good sign. I sure hope so, at least! And based on Twitter reactions to the first palette, I’d say pretty much everyone else on the planet is excited to see what she’s coming out with next. She’s already gifted us with the best colors to create a Bronze look, but what could she possibly be releasing this time around? I seriously can. not. wait to find out!

The black and white photo she showed didn’t give away any of the colors she’s created, but it did allow us to see that this palette is coming with even more shimmery shades. For this second Kyshadow, there will be three shimmer shadows instead of just two. That’s all the info I need to know I’m going to think this palette is phenomenal, too. The more glitter, the better, you know?

I can't even tell what it looks like, and I'm already in love.

This palette sold out quickly every single time it was available online.

People just can't get enough of these shades.

And I mean, the obsession is totally understandable. Everything from the packaging to the shadows themselves is stunning.

With all of the incredible eye looks you're able to create with these powders, it's no wonder people love them so much.

I have a feeling the next palette won't disappoint, either. Whenever you're ready, Jenner. We'll all just be here waiting.

Image: kylizzlemynizzyl/Snapchat (1)