Final Five Team Members Slay The Closing Ceremony

Gymnastics is always a huge event at the Olympics, but the Final Five stole everyone's hearts during the 2016 event. From their makeup and hair to their almost unbelievable levels of talent, the ladies have had one heck of a time in Rio. It only makes sense that they looked just as great for Closing Ceremony as they did throughout the games. The USA Gymnastics Team wore Polo Ralph Lauren to the Closing Ceremony, but these weren't your typical matchy-matchy ensembles.

The Final Five will forever go down in history as some of the most talented and best dressed competitors of all time. From their gorgeous competition makeup to their bedazzled leotards, the USA Gymnastics Team looked great the entire time. Although their Closing Ceremony outfits weren't quite as blingy as the leotards they wore during the competition, these girls looked gorgeous at the ceremony. They stepped out wearing white shorts and button-up Polo Ralph Lauren shirts, just like the rest of the competitors, but they managed to make the styles completely their own. Each woman wore either a red, white, or blue shirt, which made the matching patriotic and not corny in the least bit.

But it was the hairstyles that caught my eye. While Aly Raisman opted to keep her hair down, the others wore either a bun or half-up hairstyle. The only one missing from the team Instagram photo posted before the event was Gabby Douglas, but fingers crossed she makes an appearance later one. Don't just take my word for how good they looked though, see for yourself!

From their shirts and shoes to their accessories, everything was patriotic and polished.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Just look at how great Biles looks carrying the flag for the United States!

Even rain ponchos look great on them.

These girls are style icons for sure.